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Total Surrender - Bound And Gagged - cover

Total Surrender - Bound And Gagged

Daniella Fetish

Publisher: 25 Eagles Romance

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Total Surrender - Bound And Gagged

Claire and Sean start off with an online relationship – they express their deepest desires to each other online, and after months of Claire describing in detail her BDSM fantasy of her house being broken into and her getting tied up and used, Sean agrees. 

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    Captured by a Norse goddess. Enslaved by forbidden love. Will the handsome Viking, Viktor Bjornsson, escape in time to rescue the woman he has fallen for or witness her ultimate sacrifice?  
    Join Viktor Bjornsson in this dark tale of wild passion and adventure as he fights to save the love of his life. Viktor and the Norse god, Loki, join forces to try and defeat the diabolical Queen Ran before she can sacrifice Tjorna at the Feast of Bilrost.  
    Queen Ran is out for revenge and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. After years of neglect from her husband, she hosts a grand feast and invites the Aesir to join her in the celebration. Sex, seduction and betrayal are about to be served. Not only does she want to inflict pain on her husband by sacrificing his daughter, but also wreak havoc on Midgard to enslave every living creature in the human world.  
    Beautiful Tjorna is caught in a web of love, sex and danger. Condemned to die by the hands of Queen Ran, she is rescued by her handsome Viking and flees to the Bilrost Bridge. If she follows her lover over the bridge, then she will lose all of her magic and become mortal. Great decisions require great sacrifice. Will Tjorna choose her lover or will she remain with the Norse gods forever?
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