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Dominated By The Billionaire - cover

Dominated By The Billionaire

Daniella Fetish

Publisher: 25 Eagles Romance

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Dominated By The Billionaire

Jessica isn't the type of girl to hook up with strange men, but after breaking up with her boyfriend and being left alone on a cruise with no way to pay her way back, she's in a sticky situation. Luckily Bruce, the muscular, handsome and dominant billionaire is there to help her - for a price. Jessica finds herself doing things she never thought she would as she submits completely to Bruce, who doesn't hold back in exploring her body. 

This book contains themes of BDSM, spanking, and Dom-Sub relationships. 

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    With Dasher in my mouth I kept a close eye on Daddy, watching as he unfastened his jeans and pulled himself out of them.
    My eyes spread wide as his big cock was revealed to me and I felt a pang of nerves jolt through me.  This was one of the naughtiest things I'd ever done, but it felt so fucking hot that I couldn't stop myself from continuing.
    "Do you need a hand taking those off?" Daddy asked eventually, nodding to my yoga pants with a raised eyebrow.
    I was a little shocked but tried to take it in my stride.
    "If you'd like," I offered.
    Daddy stood up and took his jeans off before crouching next to me, his big cock flailing as it protruded from his midriff, looking stiff and delicious.
    I took Dasher out of my mouth and turned on my back, arching my ass off the floor to make it easier for Daddy to pull down my pants.
    He curled his big fingers over the top of them and took my panties along for the ride too, sliding both down my thigh and marveling as my shaven pussy was revealed to him for the first time in a long time.
    His eyes stayed rapt on it as he pulled the pants from my ankles, tossing them on top of his jeans before opening my legs to get a better look.
    "That looks delicious," he said, beating his cock in his fist as he looked upon my wetness.
    "It's Dasher's treat, Daddy," I said, rising up on my knees and taking my top off, "not yours."
    I guess I was enjoying teasing him and he took his seat to watch again, his cock still bolt stiff and being played with.
    "I can stay right here," he said reclining and readying himself for the show.
    My big tits fell from my top and Daddy sucked in air through his clenched teeth as he enjoyed them.
    I fell on to all fours and Dasher seemed to instinctively know what to do, rising on his feet and moving behind me to nuzzle his snout in to my wet puss.
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  • Craving Mr Darcy - cover

    Craving Mr Darcy

    Chera Zade, Delaney Jane, A Lady

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    Elizabeth Bennet will never marry Mr. Darcy. Not for money or society. She enjoys his particular desires in the bedroom, but when she is told of the sort of life she can expect with him, she decides she wants to be more than just Darcy’s mistress. She wants to know what another man feels like. 
    When Darcy visits with his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam, Lizzy seizes her moment. With touches that are gentle and sweet, she finds herself wishing for Darcy’s rough hands on her body. 
    In answer to her wishes, Darcy interrupts her and Fitzwilliam, but to her astonishment he joins them. Lizzy is taken by two men, bringing her to new heights of desire and dangerously close to losing herself to Mr. Darcy. 
    There is no one who can make Elizabeth Bennet feel the way that Mr. Darcy does. From his roughest touches to his most gentle embraces, Darcy has ruined other men for Lizzy. 
    But she will not be his mistress, and has decided to forget him. 
    Mr. Darcy is making it very hard to get over him when he shows up at Lizzy’s home with Mr. Bingley and Colonel Fitzwilliam. While Bingley dotes on Jane, and her family watches in adoration, Darcy and Fitzwilliam touch and tease Elizabeth, waking a need within her, that has her running for the stables. 
    Once there, she is cornered, thrown over a saddle, and brought to the brink of oblivion. But Darcy is greedy, and he will show her who is in control when he takes her hard and fast, leaving her breathless in his arms. 
    Mr. Darcy will have Elizabeth Bennet any time and any way he wants her. Even if it is hot and fast tucked away in an alcove in her home while her family waits in a nearby room for Mr. Bennet to bless the engagement of Mr. Bingley to Jane. 
    After Lady Catherine’s abrasive visit, and Lizzy’s treatment of the highborn woman, it is a shock when Darcy arrives at Longbourn with desire in his eyes. An uncomfortable walk along the grounds ends with the best news and the most deliriously delicious sex Lizzy has had wit Mr. Darcy yet.
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  • Zoe & Polly Part 1 - SapphiConnection #1 - cover

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    The SapphiConnection exists to bring like-minded women together for fun and relaxation. Find your hot date for the night and fulfill all your mutual whims: nothing is forbidden, no attractions laughable, and most of all, your satisfaction is guaranteed.
    	Zoe & Polly, Part 1 (6,500 Words)
    	Freshly transferred to a new university, Zoe is looking for a club activity to keep her mind sharp and her body active. The only one that sticks out to her is the local Gay-Straight Alliance, and that's only because of volunteer Polly - a vivacious redhead who is friendlier than anyone Zoe has ever known.
    	It doesn't take much for Zoe to fall for Polly, and soon enough she's invited over for a private night alone. Zoe is eager to explore young love, but there's one thing holding her back: her inexperience, which is getting harder to deal with now that she's in her 20s.
    	College life is full of new surprises and lasting life lessons. But Zoe is about to learn something she could never learn in a classroom!
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