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The True Pirates of the Caribbean - History of Piracy & True Accounts of the Most Notorious Pirates - cover

The True Pirates of the Caribbean - History of Piracy & True Accounts of the Most Notorious Pirates

Daniel Defoe, Charles Ellms, Captain Charles Johnson

Publisher: Madison & Adams Press

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This Madison & Adams edition presents the history of the "Golden Age" of piracy. In this period the entire regions and islands in the Caribbean Sea were under their control and rule, at the extent that they subsequently proclaimed Nassau as the seat of the pirate republic. Authors' goal was to show the democracy pirates established, the rules by which they lived and died, their courage and ruthlessness, their most extraordinary exploits and battles. The lives of the most famous pirates of this era are depicted in the book: Charles Vane, Thomas Barrow (who declared himself "Governor of New Providence"), Benjamin Hornigold, Calico Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, Mary Read, and the infamous Edward Teach, better known as "Blackbeard".
The King of Pirates: Of Captain Avery, And his Crew
Of Captain Martel, And his Crew
Of Captain Teach, alias Black-beard
Of Major Stede Bonnet, And his Crew
Of Captain Edward England, And his Crew
Of Captain Charles Vane, And his Crew
Of Captain John Rackam, And his Crew
The Life of Mary Read, And Anne Bonny
Of Captain Howel Davis, And his Crew
Of Captain Bartho. Roberts, And his Crew
Of Captain Anstis, And his Crew
Of Captain Worley, And his Crew
Of Captain George Lowther, And his Crew
Of Captain Edward Low, And his Crew
Of Captain John Evans, And his Crew
Of Captain John Phillips, And his Crew
Of Captain Spriggs, And his Crew
An Account of the Pyracies and Murders committed by Philip Roche, &c.
An Abstract of the Civil Law and Statute Law now in Force, in Relation to Pyracy
Of Captain Misson
Of Captain John Bowen
Of Captain William Kid
Of Captain Tew, And his Crew
Of Captain Halsey, And his Crew
Of Captain Thomas White, And his Crew
Of Captain Condent, And his Crew
A Description of Magadoxa
Of Captain Bellamy
Of Captain William Fly, And his Crew
Of Captain Thomas Howard, And his Crew
Of Captain Lewis. And his Crew
Of Captain Cornelius, And his Crew
Of Captain David Williams, And his Crew
Of Captain Samuel Burgess, And his Crew
Of Captain Nathaniel North, And his Crew
The Trial of the Pirates at Providence
The Pirate Gow 
The Life of Lafitte, the Famous Pirate of the Gulf of Mexico
The Life of Charles Gibbs 
History of the Adventures, Capture and Execution of the Spanish Pirates 
The Bloody Career and Execution of Vincent Benavides a Pirate on the West Coast of South America 
The West India Pirates
The Pirates of Panama (A True Account by a Pirate)
Available since: 03/12/2021.
Print length: 871 pages.

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