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100 Years of Leeds United - 1919-2019 - cover

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100 Years of Leeds United - 1919-2019

Daniel Chapman

Publisher: Icon Books

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'Every up and down at Leeds United. Essential reading.' Phil Hay

The definitive history of Leeds United's first century. 

100 Years of Leeds United tells the story of a one-club city and its unique relationship with its football team. Since its foundation in 1919, Leeds United Football Club has seen more ups and downs than most, rising to global fame through an inimitable and uncompromising style in the 70s, clinching the last Division One title prior to the Premier League's inauguration in 1992, before a spectacular fall from grace at the start of the 21st century.

United finally restored their top flight status after a sixteen-year wait with an unstoppable promotion campaign in the club’s 100th year; the transformation under manager Marcelo Bielsa fittingly reminiscent of those instigated by Howard Wilkinson and Don Revie decades earlier.
In 100 Years of Leeds United, Chapman delves deep into the archives to discover the lesser-known episodes, providing fresh context to the folkloric tales that have shaped the club we know today, painting the definitive picture of the West Yorkshire giants.

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    Dear Baseball Gods, 
    I hustled. I worked hard. I played the game the right way. Why did you let this happen? 
    I sat by beside a tree, staring at the ground, trying to decide what I would do next. The news was unthinkable—everything I worked for was now ruined. A second Tommy John surgery? Does anyone come back from this? What team would want a broken-down, injury-prone right-handed pitcher?A Story of Perseverance  
    I had been through a lot already. Starting as a walk-on in college, I had to earn everything. I pitched on three hours sleep; lived in the clubhouse; played for a team that collapsed mid-season; fought through more arm pain than any kid should. I had to keep going. I took a deep breath and gathered up my strength for a second comeback. My story had a special ending…I just knew it.A Story of Identity 
    Years later, I was finally forced to hang up my cleats. The next morning, I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the man peering back. If no longer a ballplayer...who was I? What would I do? How would I get out of bed each morning without baseball as my compass? 
    When we choose a sport, we don't realize that one day it may both define and consume us.A Story of The Deeper Side 
    In this philosophical memoir by former professional baseball player Dan Blewett, you'll learn what it's like to take the field terrified that this game may very well be your last. You'll learn how the mental grind of 140-game seasons, ruthless managers and heart-breaking injuries all take their toll. 
    But you'll also learn that there's a place at the top for those who were overlooked, counted out and given up on. Strength of will, belief in self, resolve and grit can carry a person through more than he or she realizes. 
    The Baseball Gods never made it easy...that's for sure.
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    Here's what you will learn: 
    1)     Tips to improve your back swing 
    2)     How to hit a draw 
    3)     How to hit a fade 
    4)     What is the cause for hitting the ball off the toe of the club and what is a good drill to correct this 
    5)     How to better align yourself toward the target 
    6)     How do you stop lifting your head when driving the ball 
    7)     How to Chip With a Hybrid 
    8)     How do you fix the problem of your hands and arms moving faster on the downswing than your lower body 
    9)     What simple drill can I do to cure my slice 
    10)  How do I correct my Outside-In swing path 
    11)  How much should I lean the shaft into a shot 
    12)  How to correct the arms from swinging too far away from the body 
    13)  What drill improves hitting the ball square at impact 
    14)  How to perfect the Flop Shot 
    15)  Does having a club fitted improve your play 
    16)  Why does a draw go farther than a slice 
    17)  How to play out of a bunker
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