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Survival Sos Pantry: Useful Ideas for Keeping Food and Surviving in Immensely Hot Climates - cover

Survival Sos Pantry: Useful Ideas for Keeping Food and Surviving in Immensely Hot Climates

Dana Rice

Publisher: Jet Solutions

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Survival SOS Pantry is a book designed to bring the reader new and innovative solutions to the problems of keeping food and sustaining life under extreme heat and the most difficult of circumstances.  While there are many books on survival, there are very few such as this one wherein the problems are very specific, and unique to certain geographical influences. 
Survival SOS Pantry will be the ultimate guidebook for dealing with circumstances that have been at the top of virtually every news feed - climate change and drought situations.  Fear and panic are crossing the globe as the media continues to incessantly hype up the worst fears of our culture.  Hollywood has also had its part to play in the alarming of the citizenry and blockbuster after blockbuster is released teasing and taunting about the worst-case, end of the world dialog. 
But Hollywood has gotten some of possible scenarios right. 
Survival SOS Pantry is full of tips and tricks to ensure survival, and to sustain life in a manner that will not only provide necessary the basic survival information, but the solutions are actually entertaining and provides a much needed focus for the whole family under times of duress.    There are fundamental elements to survival in general and they apply to extreme circumstances such as those discussed in Survival SOS Pantry. 
Survival SOS Pantry will address the following situations: 
-Need for protein, hydration 
-Items with a substantial shelf life 
-Creating a pantry 
-Preserving food items 
- Replacement foods

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