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Puppy Training - The Complete Guide To Housebreak Your Puppy in Just 7 Days - cover

Puppy Training - The Complete Guide To Housebreak Your Puppy in Just 7 Days

Dan O'Brian

Publisher: Eric J Scott

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Do you want your new puppy to be housebroken quickly?
How about in just seven days, with no stress and little mess?
If that sounds better than smelly carpets and cleaning bills, then keep reading…
Everyone who adopts a new puppy is ready for all the love, fun, and affection their new pet will bring into their life.
But what too many pet owners don’t think about is how they’ll housebreak their puppy. And that’s a recipe for trouble!
Struggling to figure out the dog’s bathroom schedule, costly accidents on the carpet, frustrating encounters with discipline and reinforcement…without knowing what you need to about dog psychology and training, that dream of a perfect pet can turn into a particularly disgusting nightmare!
But what if there were another way—an easy method, completely with easily actionable steps, to completely housebreak your new puppy in just one week?
Enter Dan O’Brian’s revolutionary Puppy Training: The Complete Guide to Housebreak Your Puppy in Just 7 Days. With this fun, easy-to-follow method, an obedient, perfectly housebroken puppy is only seven days away!
This engaging, to-the-point guide covers all the fundamentals of housebreaking, and everything you need to get your puppy started on more advanced training. Peter Williams runs through everything you need to know to get your puppy to respect your living space, including:
Puppy Training covers everything you ever need to know about housebreaking your new canine companion, including:
Five simple facts you need to know before you can start the housebreaking process (pg. 7)
An owner’s manual for your new animal friend (pg. 9).
Why you absoutely can’t housebreak without knowing how to crate train (pg. 11).
How to set a routine that your dog can follow, guaranteed (pg. 13).
The seven biggest mistakes dog owners make while housebreaking their pet (and how to avoid them!) (pg. 16).
How to read your dog’s body language to know when it’s time for a walk (pg. 18).
Choosing the correct training method that works for your dog and your lifestyle (pg. 20)
The “startle, but never scare” method—what it is and how to make it work every time (pg. 28).
Practicing everything you’ve taught your dog to make sure the training sticks no matter what (pg. 29).
Keeping your home immaculate with Dan O’Brian’s tried-and-true training techniques (pg. 30).
And much, much more!
No guessing games, no nasty surprises or wasted time on unproductive walks.
With Puppy Training, housebreaking your puppy doesn’t have to be a frustrating, filthy affair, but can be a fun process that brings your family and your new dog closer together!
Owning a puppy doesn’t have to mean living in a dirty home. Click “Add to Cart” now to take your first step toward a clean, obedient animal companion!

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