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The Wrestlers’ Wrestlers - The Masters of the Craft of Professional Wrestling - cover

The Wrestlers’ Wrestlers - The Masters of the Craft of Professional Wrestling

Dan Murphy, Brian Young

Publisher: ECW Press

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A walk-through wrestling history, starting with the founding fathers such as Ed “Strangler” Lewis and the incomparable Lou Thesz, to modern-day masters such as Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle.
The Wrestlers’ Wrestlers spotlights elite performers and analyzes exactly what made them your favorite wrestler’s favorite wrestlers. Authors Dan Murphy and Brian Young interviewed more than 40 in-ring veterans, historians, referees, and promoters to get a unique insider’s look at the people who have made a lasting impact on the world of professional wrestling. It offers a special peek “behind the curtain” and a rare look into the top stars’ thoughts on their peers, their influences, and their personal favorites.
The Wrestlers’ Wrestlers is a history of professional wrestling but also a tribute to the frequently misunderstood art itself. Featuring stars of the 1920s to today, this essential read deserves a prominent spot on the bookcase of every fan and historian.

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    South: The Race to the Pole describes the extraordinary challenges faced and hardships endured in their attempts: 
        Scott's first British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-04 
        The exploits of Shackleton's British Antarctic Expedition, 1907-09 
        The success of Amundsen's team in reaching the Pole in 1911 and the tragic events surrounding Scott's British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-13 
        Shackleton's dramatic journey to seek rescue after the destruction of his ship Endurance on the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-17 
    Illustrated throughout, the book contains a map depicting the routes of the various expeditions, crew lists, a selected bibliography and suggested reading, and recommended websites. This new revised edition will be thoroughly revised throughout and contain a new introduction to reflect new research and discoveries regarding these expeditions as well as more recent attempts in travelling to the Pole, in addition to containing new images from the Royal Museums Greenwich Collection.
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