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The A to Z of Confidence - cover

The A to Z of Confidence

Damian Miles

Publisher: Damian Miles

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The A to Z of Confidence 
Confidence For Every Area Of Your Life 
This book contains over 230 topics on confidence covering every area of your life.  
If you are interested in improving your confidence, this is an invaluable guide. 
The topics covered by this book include 
Alcohol, Anger, Buddhism, Bullies, Changes, Comparing Yourself With Others, Dating, Depression, Emotions, Exercise, Failure, Family, Goal Setting, Gratitude, Health, Asking For Help, Ill Health, Insults, Your Job, Loneliness, Love, Mindful Living, Mistakes / Errors, Needs Of Others, Nervousness, Opportunities, Over Confidence, Perfectionism, Phobias, Recreational Drugs, Relationships, Self, Loathing, Shyness, Threats, To Your Confidence, Time Management, Weaknesses, Wealth, Weight, 
Damian Miles is an NLP certified life coach and hypnotist and has been practicing life coaching since 2008 years. He now specialises in confidence coaching.

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    Karma, according to Google, is defined as "the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences".  Exercise is defined as "activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness."  Thus Karmacise is an 'action plan' of defined effort to improve our life in this existence, whilst possibly increasing the chances of having a better life in our next incarnation. 
    Karmacise is a proven system, based upon ancient philosophy as well as modern practice, designed to help you tune into your inner and by doing so become more content with yourself, the world around you and those you interact with. 
    Our course is a series of lessons, practiced daily, to help you first gain control and then use that control to improve.  The lessons have been created using The Master Key System, but updated and improved (in our view), for use in the 21st Century.  
    Simply work your way through the lessons, practising daily, and once you feel you've mastered a particular step move to the next and repeat.
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    He wants to do something new, maybe a little bit righteous. She sees herself leading a nonprofit or creating a medical device that saves lives in the remotest parts of the world. However, the search process has changed radically from the last time they looked for a job. 
    Like many job seekers, they’ve done a lot and can do a lot. But, recruiters can’t see past old job titles to recognize how a candidate can contribute to the work force in new ways. And worse, the candidate feels tongue-tied for the first time in their career. In The Art of Finding the Job You Love, Cara Heilmann, CEO of Ready Reset Go®, offers a fresh, safe, and unconventional way to help job seekers speak their talents and passion to make a difference through their work. She connects the worlds of comedy and recruiting with a look behind the curtain to share what hiring managers are really looking for and reveals why the more successful people are, the more they wing interview prep—and how that can work against them. Readers learn how to:
    Get clear on the targeted job to make everything easier
    Create (at least) five riveting career stories that must be in every job seeker’s toolbox
    Understand how to connect with chemistry during the interview process—even for the most introverted introvert
    Make a lasting positive impression that sticks well after the interview 
    The Art of Finding the Job You Love helps job seekers craft compelling career stories and communicate them in a way that leaves hiring managers wanting more and job seekers with the opportunity to make a difference in the world through a career they love!
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    In this book, you will learn:Learn the power of your mind and how it can turn your thoughts for realUse the law of attraction to manifest abundant wealth. A step-by-step guide on manifesting moneyTake the first step by optimizing yourself using holistic approachLearn how to manifest your desire – the power of your intentionAffirmation and the law of attraction – how to write affirmations and eliminate negative thoughtsBuild your own dream board and other creative visual toolsLive your dream and show gratitude to the UniverseAvoid missing out on opportunities that could lead you to your dreamSharing your success to help othersMake the law of attraction work for you 
    The secrets are all within this book. If you want to make the law of attraction work for you, all you have to do is to read this book and start taking action… 
    Grab your copy and start manifesting success today!
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  • My Key to Immortality - Tuning Your Mind into the Life of Universal Love - cover

    My Key to Immortality - Tuning...

    Vira Burmenko

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    My Key to Immortality: Tuning Your Mind into the Life of Universal Love provides the authors thoughts on various aspects of her life with a purpose to opening the readers mind, as a preparation to transitioning ones consciousness to the next level, while discovering new dimensions of life. These simple realizations decode the immortalityeternal life of love and happiness. Since the realization is individual for each human being, the writer refrains from providing definitions and explanations, but rather asks questions, leading you to clues to finding your own treasure and keys to opening new doors.
    Her examples and the use of language aim to free the mind of routine existence, while you discover your own path to your own immortality and eternal love.
    Main sources of factual background, teachings referenced, and inspiration for this book include: The Tibetan Book of the Dead, The Law of Attraction, Ancient Study of Indian Numerology, and a recently discovered teaching of Ayat, or The Sun-Health, which has become an essential element in the authors life.
    Dear reader, I am inviting you on a journey into simple truths of my life, which I believe will bring you closer to discovering yourself and your own key to immortality. We each have our own path in our own lives, and no one else can show you how to walk yours, because only you know what it is, and only you make it real. I am not going to hand to you the key to eternity, for I can only truly give you a small hintthat it could be the simplest and most complex thing you could ever imagine.
    Vira Burmenko
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  • Erectile Dysfunction: Guide To Preventing And Reversing Impotence With Natural Remedies - cover

    Erectile Dysfunction: Guide To...

    Solomon Ternder

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    ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: HOW TO USE THE MIRACLE PLANT TO REVERSE IMPOTENCE How  to prevent and reverse impotence with natural home remedies 
    Erectile dysfunction might have made life miserable for you in the past. I want you to know that the number of days of this condition in your life are numbered.  
    So... be courageous, there is hope for you!  Read on to find out more... 
    Erectile dysfunction usually begins when one or more of the following challenges start manifesting in your life. These conditions include: 
    Challenges with your nervous system, Hormonal imbalance, Restriction in the flow of blood to your penis, and Psychological conditions, namely: depression and anxiety.  And now, excessive and addictive watching of pornography especially by young men. 
    More often than not, when one is beginning to observe ED, it is possible that the condition is an early warning sign of underlying medical issues, such as high blood pressure (HBP) and heart diseases. 
    Learn how to: 
    Overcome erectile dysfunction  naturally 
    For any one suffering from Erectile dysfunction, one question that is paramount on their mind most times is "How do I overcome erectile dysfunction?" You have probably been asking the same question and have also tried in your own way to overcome impotence to no avail. Finally solution is here for you. 
    How to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently 
    A number of people came down with erectile dysfunction as a secondary disease while treating a primary disease like diabetes or hypertension. For many, erectile dysfunction is the side effect of the drugs they were administered for the primary disease. 
    Therefore treating the erectile dysfunction and leaving the primary disease would not help. It is highly recommended that you treat the diabetes(or any other primary disease first) naturally. Natural cures attack the root cause of the disease and not just the symptoms thereby reversing the condition permanently. Moringa and other natural herbs  will surely address the root cause of the ailments and deal with it permanently though slowly.  
    Change of your lifestyle is highly recommended in reversing these disease conditions. This includes quitting smoking, exercising, etc.  
    Can erectile dysfunction be reversed? 
    So... the question is: Can erectile dysfunction be reversed?  The answer is an affirmative Yes! You will discover from the book how mine was reversed. And how yours too can be reversed by simply adopting healthy lifestyles and taking the natural home remedies for impotence prescribed. So stop wondering about what can be done for erectile dysfunction. The solution is here. Think no more.  
    Would you like to know how to best handle your erectile dysfunction challenge? Then this  ebook is the right one for you.  
    You will learn how effectively reverse ED from the author who has overcome mild impotence himself.  
    This book explains how your sexual organs are stimulated, and the best ways to do so. Also, it describes what factors make it harder for you to achieve an erection. You'll explore the physical and psychological factors that create this issue in men - and the various ways you can address it.! 
    This essential book also helps you understand how porn addiction, substance abuse, and obesity can contribute to your problem. Get it now!
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  • Walking For Weight Loss - cover

    Walking For Weight Loss

    Michael Donald

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    In today's society, it's easier to be fat than it is to be healthy. Food companies pump out products filled with sugar to get you hooked so they can make a dollar.What's worse for our health… is the corporate workplace. We sit all day with our backs hunched over a keyboard while our legs go to sleep.Sitting has been found to be terrible for our health. In fact, scientists have compared sitting's effects to be similar to smoking. 
    It keeps you locked in a bad posture and reduces your mobility. You are in a position without movement for hours."Walking for Weight Loss" is go-to Masterguide on burning fat and building muscle the easy way. 
    This technique will work your whole body in unison, elevating your metabolism to fat-burning levels. 
    Find out the walking technique and the easy to prepare diet that will finally bring the body you want. 
    You will learn:The Walking Technique That Will Help You Burn Fat While You Sleep!The Mental Strategies That Will Transform You Into An Energetic Machine Bursting With Life.How To Make Tasty Foods That Will Assist Your Fat Loss JourneyHow Technology Can Help You Burn Off Fat And Build MuscleHow Walking Can Affect Your Brain (Aristotle, Beethoven, and Charles Dickens Walked Every Day Of Their Lives To Enjoy This Effect)
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