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Six Great Confidence Tips - cover

Six Great Confidence Tips

Damian Miles

Publisher: Damian Miles

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Little things applied consistently make huge changes. 
This book may be small but you don’t need to make big changes to get big results in your life. A small change repeated often enough for long enough will create big results. 
The techniques in this book may seem small but by taking them to heart, and making them a habitual and constant part of your life, your confidence will grow more than you could possibly hope for. 
In this book are the six most powerful techniques I know that will help you become more confident. 
Three of them, will give you a short term confidence boost. These are useful when facing the many challenges that come into your everyday life. Use the techniques, feel the boost, tackle the issue. 
These are: 
1 - Count Your Blessings 
2 - Congratulate Yourself 
3 - Your Favourite Comedy Program 
Three of them, will help you to build an underlying and powerful confidence. As you increase your underlying confidence, you’ll need the quick techniques less and less, as fewer things are challenges to you. 
1 - Ten To Does 
2 - Your Long Term Plan 
3 - Be A Student And Teacher Of Confidence 
One of the best things you can do to increase your confidence is the last technique:- 
- Commit to becoming a lifetime student and teacher of confidence. 
Confidence is a skill like any other. The confident people you see around you and you want to be like, are not confident because they were born that way. They are confident, because they’ve studied and practiced the skill of confidence. 
Decide right now that you’ll become a student of confidence. You know, how confident you are in one year’s time or ten years time is purely down to you. One year and ten years time will definitely come around. How confident you’ll be then is – completely down to how much studying and practicing of confidence techniques you do between now and then. 
In one year or ten years, you could be exactly as confident as you are now. But I know, that as you’ve got this book, that you want more than that. 
Or you could be super confident. Imagine what your life would be like then, if you were super confident? It is worth having. It’s worth putting the time and effort into it. 
Increasing your confidence will pay you back in every area of your life. Confidence can be applied to anything and everything. 
So read this book, and decide that you’ll study and master the skill of confidence.

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