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How To Love Forever - cover

How To Love Forever

Damian Miles

Publisher: Damian Miles

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This book will help you have a long lasting loving relationship. 
You may often hear of how high the divorce rate is, and assume that it's difficult to have a long and loving relationship. What you don't really hear about though, are the millions of people, who have been together - FOR MANY MANY YEARS - in a close and loving relationship. They get on with enjoying life together without it hitting the headlines. 
If you do a web search, you can find many stories on line of people who have loved together for many years. I've just done a search and found a story of a couple who have been married for eighty two years. 
I would encourage you to spend time reading these stories. Make reading them a habit. The more of these stories you read, the more you'll come to believe that having a long and loving relationship is normal. This increases your chances of living a long and loving relationship. 
Reading these stories will also show you many of the "secrets" to having a long and loving relationship. 
In this book I'll reveal some of those secrets to you and other ideas and things you can do to increase your chances of staying together, in love, for many many years. 
Enjoy the read and enjoy loving forever.

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    Your body does nothing randomly. It is always talking to you. It is always telling you what you need to do to get well and stay healthy.
    Take a good look at yourself. Your health history and your healing prescriptions are written all over your body 
    Listening to and obeying your bodys cues can help you become much more self reliant regarding your health. What are some of these cues?
    desiring specific foods
    breathing patterns
    skin blemishes
    certain behaviors
    What does a craving for sweet or sour really mean in your body? How should you best respond? What does the appearance and location of a mole mean? How does the location of your pain direct you to proper therapeutic choices? The Twelve Elixirs are your guide. They are your birthright. Mastering any one of them will direct you to better health. Such self-reliance requires basic knowledge and calls for the common sense health guidance once acquired at the knees of our mothers and fathers.
    Patient X grew back a chipped tooth. Patient Y regained her sight. Patient Z eliminated her chronic pain. They did so in part by partaking of The Twelve Elixirs.
    Mastering the art of living healthfully is neither complicated nor difficult; it only requires awakening the knowledge you already possess, and nobody knows your body like you do.
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    The mindset that you embrace is more important than your people skills, more important than your abilities, and more important than any other competency you may currently have or that you may develop in the future.
    Your mindset is what will allow you to achieve your dreams and accomplish your goals. It can help you improve your surroundings, allowing you to become a happier person, attracting more positive people and situations to your life.
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    Why do you want to manifest things? It’s what we do. We manifest whatever’s happening. 
    That’s one way of describing how reality works. 
    Take you. You’re manifesting things anyway. Look around you at your life, (or at how you’re perceiving it, because ultimately this human experience all just boils down to perception) – you’ve manifested this, and mostly from an unresolved unconscious level of self, which is why some or much of it possibly doesn’t sit so well with your conscious self. 
    Interceding in the process with clear intent for outcomes you wish for, gets it all to sit and roll far better than allowing the unresolved aspects of your unconscious mind to do it for you. 
    You know instinctively that you can be living life far more fully, with far less self-inhibition, self-doubt, worry, self-limitation, self-criticism, stress and angst, and with far more freedom, courage, originality and overall splendor, magnificence, compatible company and companionship, and access to the resources and wherewithal to support it. 
    And you’re aware that the opportunities that bring you the resources and wherewithal, and which come to you through the agency of other people, require an increased capacity to conduct all interactions and transactions with confidence and ease. 
    Yet you’ve experienced setbacks and disappointments at various key junctures along the way, each of which traumatized you to varying degrees, and exponentially compounded the unresolved trauma of the all the preceding knocks. And that has reduced your confidence in your ability and power to make things happen. 
    And you naturally and rightly want to overcome that. 
    What makes it challenging for you, is the fact that this compound trauma condition, albeit relatively subtle, has also compounded your allegiance to the prevailing paradigm – collectively subscribed to story – one key element of which is that things will inevitably go wrong and not work out, that life will disappoint and inevitably let you down, not to mention kill you when you reach the other end. 
    How could you, or any of us, ever have been fooled into subscribing to such a fearful, unproductive story as that? 
    Based on the wonderful success of A M P E D Volume 1 – affirmation manifesting procedure (electronically delivered), whereby it does all the work and you just sit back and let your life rearrange itself to your liking – automatic wu wei in multimedia format – we’ve taken the accompanying e-book and had me rewrite reformat, repoint and carefully rearrange the material into a straight-ahead e-book for anyone who hasn’t been able or inclined to invest in A M P E D and who doesn’t actually mind putting in the time, attention and lip-and-finger-work into actively writing and reciting the entire life-changing affirmation sequence for themselves. 
    And when I say life-changing, this isn’t gratuitous sales-patter, I mean it. 
    ‘If I haven’t listened to amped for a few days and something has disturbed my equilibrium I hear a section of amped in my mind which retunes me back to peace.
    Last week I glimpsed someone negative energy come from their hand and managed to skip around it.
    The more I listen the better life gets. astonishing Doc, I can’t thank you enough. xx A’ 
    Affirm your way to the life you want. 
    All you do is follow the instructions to write and/or recite the affirmation script – also a fun, effective, meditative way to still the raging mind – and your subconscious, in cahoots with the Tao, the Great Way, does all the rest for you
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  • He Will Love You More Than Anything Beg To Be With You If You Do This One Thing - cover

    He Will Love You More Than...

    John Greene

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    The strategies in this book are not really secrets necessarily, but they are not the obvious ones that you hear every day, which are, feed them and have sex with them.  
    This isn't saying that they don't exist; that you don't need to do them. Those are obvious and doesn't need any more explanation.  
    There are some things that many women do not know that are the keys to a man's heart. These things lead you to a point in a man's life where he doesn't just want you in it; He needs you there.  
    These strategies will keep your man happy and in love with you; help you generate that feeling of love for yourself after the honeymoon period in the relationship wears off.  
    Love is a feeling that you have that will come and go. That feeling ebbs and wanes with the quality of the relationship, with the state of your mood, with what is going on in your life. The feelings we have are the waves or the tide that come in, and then they go out.  
    Love is a decision that you make on a daily basis, that you are going to be a person of love, and you're going to show up as a person of love in that relationship.  
    The average woman wants to wait until they feel love to then act lovingly. They wait until they feel love to give the person a hug. They wait until they feel love to give the person a compliment. Waiting until they feel love to want to spend time with that person, where the reverse is actually true.  
    When you act loving first, then the feelings of love follows. Its one of the biggest lessons I've ever learned in my life. I'm going to give you these strategies for how to ignite that feeling of love and keep your man happy.
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  • Erectile Dysfunction: Guide To Preventing And Reversing Impotence With Natural Remedies - cover

    Erectile Dysfunction: Guide To...

    Solomon Ternder

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    ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: HOW TO USE THE MIRACLE PLANT TO REVERSE IMPOTENCE How  to prevent and reverse impotence with natural home remedies 
    Erectile dysfunction might have made life miserable for you in the past. I want you to know that the number of days of this condition in your life are numbered.  
    So... be courageous, there is hope for you!  Read on to find out more... 
    Erectile dysfunction usually begins when one or more of the following challenges start manifesting in your life. These conditions include: 
    Challenges with your nervous system, Hormonal imbalance, Restriction in the flow of blood to your penis, and Psychological conditions, namely: depression and anxiety.  And now, excessive and addictive watching of pornography especially by young men. 
    More often than not, when one is beginning to observe ED, it is possible that the condition is an early warning sign of underlying medical issues, such as high blood pressure (HBP) and heart diseases. 
    Learn how to: 
    Overcome erectile dysfunction  naturally 
    For any one suffering from Erectile dysfunction, one question that is paramount on their mind most times is "How do I overcome erectile dysfunction?" You have probably been asking the same question and have also tried in your own way to overcome impotence to no avail. Finally solution is here for you. 
    How to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently 
    A number of people came down with erectile dysfunction as a secondary disease while treating a primary disease like diabetes or hypertension. For many, erectile dysfunction is the side effect of the drugs they were administered for the primary disease. 
    Therefore treating the erectile dysfunction and leaving the primary disease would not help. It is highly recommended that you treat the diabetes(or any other primary disease first) naturally. Natural cures attack the root cause of the disease and not just the symptoms thereby reversing the condition permanently. Moringa and other natural herbs  will surely address the root cause of the ailments and deal with it permanently though slowly.  
    Change of your lifestyle is highly recommended in reversing these disease conditions. This includes quitting smoking, exercising, etc.  
    Can erectile dysfunction be reversed? 
    So... the question is: Can erectile dysfunction be reversed?  The answer is an affirmative Yes! You will discover from the book how mine was reversed. And how yours too can be reversed by simply adopting healthy lifestyles and taking the natural home remedies for impotence prescribed. So stop wondering about what can be done for erectile dysfunction. The solution is here. Think no more.  
    Would you like to know how to best handle your erectile dysfunction challenge? Then this  ebook is the right one for you.  
    You will learn how effectively reverse ED from the author who has overcome mild impotence himself.  
    This book explains how your sexual organs are stimulated, and the best ways to do so. Also, it describes what factors make it harder for you to achieve an erection. You'll explore the physical and psychological factors that create this issue in men - and the various ways you can address it.! 
    This essential book also helps you understand how porn addiction, substance abuse, and obesity can contribute to your problem. Get it now!
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