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A Quick Guide To Living Forever: Well Almost - cover

A Quick Guide To Living Forever: Well Almost

Damian Miles

Publisher: Damian Miles

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What You Can Do Now To Live Longer And Live Better 
This is not meant to be the last word on longevity, or a comprehensive book on it. It is meant to help you realise that: 
- To a great extent you control how long you will live to a great extent.  
- There are many things you can do to  
1– Give yourself extra years of life, and  
2 – Make yourself healthier in those extra years.  
The one thing I would encourage you to do above everything else is to – become a student of longevity. Decide now that you’ll 
1 – Learn as much as you can about how to live longer, and 
2 – Put those lessons into practice. 
Once you’ve done this you’ll be surprised at just how quickly you start to feel the benefits. 
In this short book you will be reading about 
- What longevity is. 
- Some of the attitudes you need in order to live a long life. 
- How eating and drinking affects how long you live. 
- Why you need to exercise and how you can do it.  - Things to have more of in your life. 
- The effect of your work, career or job on you longevity.  
- Some of the major illnesses that will reduce your length of life. 
- Some things to avoid.

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    Border Collage of Natural Therapies in Australia conducted a research study of the effects of Bowen therapy using Medical Thermal Imaging (MII). Thermography is the use of an infrared thermal imaging and measurement camera to "see" and "measure" thermal energy emitted from an object. The higher the object's temperature, the greater the infrared radiation emitted.  Infrared allows us to see what our eyes cannot. 
    Medical thermal imaging (MII) is becoming a common screening modality in the areas of neuromusculosketal injury, cancer, and circulatory pathology. High levels of pain or tenderness show up on an (MII). 
    Screening of subjects was done before and after Bowen therapy. The study showed conclusively that Bowen therapy had an immediate, dramatic and sustained effect of lowering infrared radiation on the subjects who underwent Bowen therapy. 
    The 'Women's Breast Health' procedure is one of the most amazing hands-on healing techniques I have ever taught in my 30 years of practice as a health care educator. Through applying a few simple, yet powerful movements that take only seconds to perform I will show you how to stimulate your body's own natural healing mechanism to promote natural breast health. 
    BENEFITS: The 'Women's Breast Health' Energy Healing Technique can be used to help relieve:  
    1 - Mastitis 
    2 - Breast tenderness  
    3 - Pectoralis muscle pain 
    4 - Uneven or lumpy breast tissue 
    5 - Pre-menstrual tension & discomfort 
    6 - Swelling and pain from breast surgery 
    7 - Stimulate & balance milk production in lactating women 
    What clients are saying: 
    "I've suffered with breast tenderness most of my adult life. Because my breast tissue was always very lumpy I was prescribed mammograms at least twice annually as a precaution. I had three breast biopsy scares and surgical removal of breast lumps that fortunately were benign. Since learning the 'Women's Breast Health' procedure my breast tissue is more smooth and I receive only periodic mammograms as recommended by my doctor which show my breast tissue as normal." 
    ~Cathy M., age 57 Ashland, OR  
    "I am rather large breasted and have suffered all my adult life with painful to touch breast that nothing I've ever tried has helped to relieve. After performing the 'Women's Breast Health' procedure I was amazed to report to KG that I had absolutely no breast tenderness." 
    ~Kay S., age 60 Ashland, OR 
    "My doctor found a tumor on my left breast. KG taught me the 'Women's Breast Health' procedure which I performed on myself daily for two weeks before going for my scheduled mammogram. The mammogram showed my tumor had shrunk noticeably and my doctor no longer considered it problematic. I was very relieved and happy to hear that." 
    ~Brenda D., age 48, Cave Junction, OR 
    "KG Stiles 30 years of experience combined with her passion to teach personal growth and wellness is unsurpassed!" Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., New York Times Best-selling Author, 'Choices and Illusions.'
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    From managing the impact of social media on your mental health to building self-confidence, Kindfulness will help equip readers with the tools they need to have a more positive mindset, put themselves first, identify the triggers in their life which can cause anxiety and generally take better care of themselves.
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    Notwithstanding these concerns, investing can be fairly manageable, rewarding, and enjoyable experience, if we adhere to certain principles and guidelines. By this we can expect and hope to maximize our returns by diversifying our investments into suitable portfolios. For this, each and every investor has to be well educated about economy, investment options, market conditions and its consequences. 
    The main objective is to select the suitable investment criteria like if we want better returns, or consider risk factors, or liquidity or safety of principal. By this we can set our portfolio objectives and construct our portfolio according to our needs and manage it with respect to the market conditions and the securities fairing in the market.
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