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30 Seconds To Happiness - cover

30 Seconds To Happiness

Damian Miles

Publisher: Damian Miles

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Fifty Top Techniques For Living A Positive And Happy Life 
This book will make you happier. Guaranteed. And make you happier in just thirty seconds. 
Don’t believe me? Just spend 30 seconds thinking of your favorite comedy character in your favorite comedy program. Then think of you favorite scene.  
I bet you are happier now than 30 seconds ago. 
Works doesn’t it? It only takes 30 seconds to make yourself happier. 
Remember this technique before you go any further it will serve you well. 
This technique is one of fifty shared in this book. Each one is easy to use and they will help you move from feeling stressed, worried and down, to feeling happy and confident. 
As well as techniques to help you instantly feel better, other techniques also enable you to change your future to a happier one.  
Knowing you have a happier future will enable you to be happier now. 
Some of the other easy to use fun techniques you’ll find are as follows. And remember, each of them only needs about 30 seconds or less to use. 
•Just Smile 
•Count Your Blessings 
•Just Laugh 
•The Positive Alphabet Game 
•Congratulate Yourself 
•Enjoy Yourself 
•Positive Quotes 
•Remember Happy Times 
•Keep These Techniques With You 
•Make A Firm Decision 
•Play The Happiness Game 
•The Definition Of Fear 
•Just Do The Thing You Are Afraid Of Doing 
•The Problem Solving Questions 
•Just Accept It 
•Have A Long Term Plan 
•Jump Up And Down 
•Take The Fear Challenge 
•Soak Up Some Sun 
•The Fifty Year Question 
Why feel fearful and why think negatively when you can easily feel happy and positive? 
I would encourage you to decide now that you’ll get this book and use these techniques again and again until you have become a master at them (and they are not hard to master). Being a master at these techniques will totally transform your life. 
I've used each of these techniques again and again and can tell you that they DO work and they work FAST. 
By using these techniques you will feel more: 
-At peace 
-More in control of your life. 
You will feel less: 
-At the mercy of fate or the universe 
Happiness consists of two parts. 
-Thinking Positively, and 
-Feeling Positive. 
Your emotions are linked to your mind and in order to feel happy you have to think happy.  
Most of your feelings are the result of what is going on in your mind, and only occasionally do your negative feelings cause you to think negatively. 
The trick is to control your mind, so that you spend more time thinking positively and this will result in you feeling more positive and happy. So a lot of the techniques are aimed at moving your thinking from negative to positive, and your emotions follow. 
As you work on the techniques, don’t worry about becoming a master straight away. Don’t aim to be 100% happy 100% of the time, not yet anyway. 
Aim to be happier. If you increased your happiness by just 1% each week you’d have doubled your happiness in just over a year!!! (Actually it’s 70 weeks – try it. Multiply 1 by 1.01 and repeat – when you repeat for the 70th time you will have hit double).  
You can increase your level of happiness by 1% this week, can’t you? These techniques will help you to do this and a lot more. 
Start today, start now. 

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    Within every human being is a natural desire to be healthy and well—health being the foundation for an abundant life. With the human race becoming increasingly frenetic, keeping pace can be incredibly daunting, and personal wellbeing often ends up taking a back seat. 
    There is no better time than now to use these accelerated energies to 'Hot-foot it to Health' with Reflexology, an ancient and highly effective form of natural healing. Using the feet— the physique's unsung heroes—reflexology activates and mobilises the body's innate healing abilities to hasten the healing process. 
    In this insightful book, Christine Lynne Stormer-Fryer, a world-renowned authority on natural healing and health, reveals how feet highlight the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of being human, and suggests the best steps to regain and maintain optimum health using the neutral energies of reflexology.
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  • Samuel Smiles' Self Help - A 52 brilliant ideas interpretation - cover

    Samuel Smiles' Self Help - A 52...

    Steve Shipside

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    An immediate bestseller in 1859, Self-help propelled its author to fame and rapidly became one of Victorian Britain’s most important statements on the allied virtues of hard work, thrift and perseverance. Smiles’ most celebrated book sold 20,000 copies in its first year, became known as the ‘bible of mid-Victorian liberalism’ and is the prototype of today’s motivational and self-help blockbusters. Steve Shipside’s brilliant interpretation of Smiles’ Self-help enables twenty-first century readers to put into practice the insights of one of the world’s most famous self-improvement books. Discover:
    • Why being true to yourself will help you avoid debt;
    • That learning to sod the Joneses is the key to happiness;
    • How to get back on the horse and learn from failure;
    • Why every moment counts when it comes to self-improvement;
    • That learning to visualise victory can help you achieve your goals.
    This interpretation of Samuel Smiles’s Self-help is not a substitute for the original. Its purpose is simply to illustrate the timeless nature of Smiles’s insights by bringing them to life in a contemporary context. Samuel Smiles’ Self-help is an enlightening, entertaining accompaniment to one of the most famous and inspiring books ever written.
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