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Fascinating Short Stories Of Kids Who Dare To Be Different: - Top Motivational and Fun Tales For Kids to Help them Stand-Out | Positivity Love Courage Creativity and Change - cover

Fascinating Short Stories Of Kids Who Dare To Be Different: - Top Motivational and Fun Tales For Kids to Help them Stand-Out | Positivity Love Courage Creativity and Change

Dally Perry

Publisher: Publishdrive

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Great Winter Holidays Gifts For Kids 
This book is good for children who are looking for inspirational and fun stories who have resolved to stand out positively. Here they can find stories of strong role models who impacted their world. These stories help children know that it is never too late to begin to make a difference in their various sectors, their aspirations, in their goal and their dreams. Children are the masters of their own destinies
Boys and Girls can be anything they want to be! As kids you have to create our own paths and uphold your right to be yourself; Dare to be different in whatever you do and do not try to imitate anyone. Live your own life and follow your true star.
You should know that It’s ok to be different, the climate is not the same in every mind. 
Some of the tales in this book are from times gone by, some are from the present, and few are from times that have not yet come to pass. There’s something in this book for anyone who dare to be different.
So, what are you waiting for? Get these amazing short story books for kids age 4-12 and pre-teens now for an amazing gift to be read, re-read, and treasured for many years to come!
Available since: 11/10/2022.
Print length: 135 pages.

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    Down at the bottom of the cage, the older ferrets shivered and hid under their blankets. Zephyr finally stopped tumbling when she landed right on top of old Gonzo. Maggie fell against her, and poor Gonzo yelled at both of them to Get Off!
    "Let me see." Nova was buried under Taz, who was shaking so hard that the entire cage was swaying. "Taz, get off me!"
    Taz didn't move. "It's gone now! Where did it go?"
    "Taz!" Nova tried to wiggle free, then reached over and bit his foot hard. "Off!"
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    "I'm sorry, Nova. I don't mean to be."
    She nudged him in the ribs, and smiled up at him. "You can't help being big. It means you're healthy."
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    "I don't know. But it's gone now, Goliath." Gently she rubbed at his trembling ears with her nose. "You're safe. Nothing can get into the house unless Mom Human or Dad Human let it in."
    "They'll never let a monster into the house." Maggie had climbed back up to the top level. Goliath got scared so easily that sometimes she got mad at him. But this time, she had been scared, too. So she didn't laugh at him, or make fun of him. "They'll never do anything that might hurt us."
    "That's right." Zephyr was just behind her. "They take good care of us." She rubbed against Goliath, and felt him relax. "We're all safe as long as we stay inside the house."
    Taz was still staring at the window, but his fur had calmed down again. "You've been outside without a Human guard, Zephyr. What do you think it was?"
    Zephyr loved to talk about the time she'd snuck out of the house, and had romped all around the farm for two whole days before Dad Human had finally caught her in the barn and brought her back into the house. "There are lots of wild animals outside," she told him with big, serious eyes. "I've never seen anything like that before. It was too ugly to be a farm animal, so it must have been something wild."
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  • Fascinating Short Stories For Curious Kids - An Amazing Collection of Unbelievable Funny and True Tales from Around the World | Stocking Stuffer Holiday Kids Gifts - cover

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    BEST STOCKING STUFFERS FOR KIDS 2022This Christmas book of fascinating stories brings your family and friends joy this holiday season!
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    Want to impress your friends at school?
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    If Yes, then this Fascinating Short Stories For Curious Kids is for you, you’ll have fun reading mind-blowing stories about the coolest things that will help you impress your friends and also improve your knowledge of things. Your friends will Wish they Knew this Stories Too.
    In Fascinating short Stories for Curious Kids, you will discover:
    The Origins of all the Famous Toys you know today
    Houdini’s Tricks Most famous global escape artist
    The Great Inventor Of Computer and his love for cows
    Puff The Magic Dragon
    and so much more...
    You’ll be glued to the pages of this book reading about interesting facts, scary stories, and how to do a few neat science experiments. Fascinating Short Stories for Curious Kids brings learning to you in a new, fun way that is sure to keep you reading this Christmas Season
    This is not a collection of fairy tales and made-up events -- these are stories about real people, places, things, and situations. And they’re not so old that your kids won’t find any real connection or interest.
    What’s more, these Stories are accurate no matter how strange or unbelievable they may seem!
    improving concentration,
    supports the processes of remembering,
    increases self-esteem
    So, what are you waiting for? Get these amazing short stories book for kids age 4-12 and pre-teens now for an amazing gift to be read, re-read, and treasured for many years to come!
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