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Disasters at Sea - cover

Disasters at Sea

Dag Pike

Publisher: Adlard Coles

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Dag Pike draws on his experience as merchant navy captain, fast boat 
navigator and boat safety tester for RNLI lifeboats to focus on a wide 
range of disasters at sea. He compiles a wide range of accounts of 
yachts, motorboats and commercial vessels running into difficulty as a 
result of poor navigation, fog, miscalculation, human error, weather 
conditions etc and analyses in a readable and entertaining fashion what 
caused the disaster, what went wrong, how it was dealt with and the 
lessons learned from it.  
range from the Fastnet disaster, powerboat races, boats run down in the 
Channel, to trawlers pulled under by submarines, ferry accidents and 
tanker and cargo ship disasters. The incidents include grounding, 
collision, fire, sinking, ice and storms, and each chapter has an 
example from the Marine Accident Investigation Bureau who monitor 
incidents at sea.  
This book is a fascinating read for all who go afloat either for 
business or pleasure, and for anyone interested in just why disasters 
happen at sea.

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    Jerry Hicks was Esther's Hicks husband and business partner who sadly passed away on the 18th November 2011. Their success with books, workshops and seminars was never in question and they were the inspiration behind the highly successful book and film 'The Secret'.
    Through Sussan's open channel, we have attempted to achieve a direct connection to Jerry and present an unbiased brief view of his life. There were questions I asked and in turn Jerry responded candidly. We talked about his life before Esther, his time in Cuba with a travelling sideshow and his death from Leukemia. 
    I asked questions about his passing and what he encountered? 
    There were moments of pure joy and pure laughter followed by serious contemplations about his past and the importance of living in the now. I found Jerry very straight forward with a strong manner and at times he engulfed us with his charm.
    Occasionally he was reluctant to talk at length about his past, impressing on us that he did not want to spoil the image or influence the teachings of the 'Abraham Hicks' partnership is having on the world by introducing old irrelevant historical details about himself.
    Jerry speaks clearly about his passing from Leukemia and chemotherapy treatment. So why or how did this happen to him of all people? If you are a believer in the inspirational words of 'Abraham' you will have all the answers direct from the source. Hopefully, this will fill the gaps for all time of the dissenters and bring solace, joy and happiness to the ones who still follow Esther, Jerry and Abraham Hicks.
    We make this material available for those who may be curious or who have questions we may be able to answer through our connection. As always with free will, it is your choice to question, accept or reject the material.
    We have never had the pleasure of contacting or meeting Esther or Jerry but are mildly familiar with their published material. Our sole purpose is to share Jerry's story and so make it available to the public in a sincere and truthful manner.
    When we pass, as we all will one day, we leave a recording of our life in a universal filing system known as the 'Akashic Records'. It is accessible to everyone who has love and honesty in their hearts and seeks the knowledge. 
    We are all able to connect to the universe if we choose.
    So join us as we take a step through the looking glass to meet Jerry Hicks. His story will inspire you to understand who you really are as we look into the life of this very human third dimensional person with his own special set of strengths, weaknesses, frailties and past emotional attachments to a physical life on earth.
    Ronald Ritter
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