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Disasters at Sea - cover

Disasters at Sea

Dag Pike

Publisher: Adlard Coles

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Dag Pike draws on his experience as merchant navy captain, fast boat 
navigator and boat safety tester for RNLI lifeboats to focus on a wide 
range of disasters at sea. He compiles a wide range of accounts of 
yachts, motorboats and commercial vessels running into difficulty as a 
result of poor navigation, fog, miscalculation, human error, weather 
conditions etc and analyses in a readable and entertaining fashion what 
caused the disaster, what went wrong, how it was dealt with and the 
lessons learned from it.  
range from the Fastnet disaster, powerboat races, boats run down in the 
Channel, to trawlers pulled under by submarines, ferry accidents and 
tanker and cargo ship disasters. The incidents include grounding, 
collision, fire, sinking, ice and storms, and each chapter has an 
example from the Marine Accident Investigation Bureau who monitor 
incidents at sea.  
This book is a fascinating read for all who go afloat either for 
business or pleasure, and for anyone interested in just why disasters 
happen at sea.

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    Tai Chi For Beginners  
    Top 10 Tai Chi Lessons for Beginners: Find Your Inner Peace and Balance 
    This book will give you a definitive guide to the art of Tai Chi and the lessons that come with it. Tai Chi has become universal for its use as a recreation, stress reliever, and even spiritual context. It can be at home, in the office, outside of work, or even at the local gym. Made specifically for beginners, this book is here to help make a significant impact on your life, both physically and mentally. It will break down its various lessons and methods and explain how and why they can will assist you in your daily life. So put that remote control down and grab yourself a nice, comfortable mat. It’ll definitely be worth your while. Plus, your body will thank you later! 
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