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10 Product Validation Experiments - The Guide To Validation And Minimum Viable Products (MVP) - cover

10 Product Validation Experiments - The Guide To Validation And Minimum Viable Products (MVP)

Csaba Házi

Publisher: Csaba Házi

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Product Validation Experiments or "MVPs"―as people sometimes incorrectly refer to them―are fantastic ways to get you started with a minimum budget, enabling you to get in touch with real customers and building your business from day one. This book covers 10 specific validation techniques with lots of case studies and stories from best-selling author and entrepreneur working with hundreds of top companies and Silicon Valley startups affecting over 3 million users worldwide.
The Product Validation Experiment is an experiment that you can use to test an idea WITHOUT actually building the product. If you’ve heard "MVP" before, you might think now "Aren't they the same thing?" An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) only features the must-have functionality of the product, and you only invest the time and money that's absolutely required to create that first version, nothing more. On the other hand, a Product Validation Experiment has only one objective: to test if a business idea will fly using whatever validation technique necessary.
We will discuss the following validation techniques in this book:
- Fake Door testing
- Wizard of Oz
- Concierge Service
- Product Video
- Landing page validation
- Crowdfunding
- Pre-order
- Piecemeal product
- Concept prototype
- Webinar​ 
Maybe you are already familiar with some (or most) of these tactics. You've heard about Zappos and how Dropbox used videos to validate their business idea. The question is: do you know when and how to use these tactics? This book will get into specifics and teach you when to use each technique, what pitfalls to look for and give you plenty of stories to spark your creativity. Instead of a collection of well-known stories expect an in-depth investigation of each validation technique so that you can adapt them to your own business.

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