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Into the Bear Pit - The Explosive Autobiography - cover

Into the Bear Pit - The Explosive Autobiography

Craig Whyte

Publisher: Arena Sport

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The Scottish venture capitalist shares his side of the story on his controversial involvement with the Glasgow football club. 
From being the most dominant club in Scottish football history, Rangers F.C., one of the most famous and powerful names in British sport, was sold to venture capitalist Craig Whyte in 2011…for £1. 
When Whyte walked through the gates at Ibrox, the club was mired in debt and plagued with a toxic culture that seeped everywhere—from the corridors of power to a sectarian hard core in the stands. The “great Whyte hope” was touted for a time as Rangers’ savior but he was soon hung out to dry as the fall guy for Rangers’ misery as the unthinkable happened. The club was plunged into liquidation and the reformed club suffered the indignity of demotion to the third division, the lowest echelon of Scottish professional football. 
The demise of Rangers saw Whyte’s reputation eviscerated on the pages of every newspaper in the country, his name vilified on radio shows, TV programs and blogs as every aspect of his professional and personal life was picked over. In 2012, he was arrested and accused of fraud. He was put on trial where he faced the full might and resources of the government for his role in the downfall of the club. Although he was ultimately acquitted of all charges, he had to endure years of false accusations from some media outlets and multiple death threats from obsessed fans. 
Full of startling revelations, this is the previously untold story of greed, corruption and scandal at the heart of Rangers F.C., told, definitively, by the man who was at the very center of the storm. 
Praise for Into the Bear Pit 
“Deliciously indiscreet.” —The Scotsman (UK) 
“Incendiary.” —The Herald (UK)
Available since: 04/14/2020.
Print length: 227 pages.

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