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Delusions of Gender - The Real Science Behind Sex Differences - cover

Delusions of Gender - The Real Science Behind Sex Differences

Cordelia Fine

Publisher: Icon Books

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‘Fun, droll yet deeply serious.’
New Scientist
‘A brilliant feminist critic of the
neurosciences … Read her, enjoy and learn.’
Hilary Rose, THES
‘A witty and meticulously researched
exposé of the sloppy studies that pass for scientific
evidence in so many of today’s bestselling books
on sex differences.’
Carol Tavris, TLS

Gender inequalities are increasingly defended by citing hard-wired differences between the male and
female brain. That’s why, we’re told, there are so few
women in science, so few men in the laundry room –
different brains are just suited to different things.

With sparkling wit and humour, Cordelia Fine attacks
this ‘neurosexism’, revealing the mind’s remarkable
plasticity, the substantial influence of culture on identity,
and the malleability of what we consider to be
‘hardwired’ difference. 

This modern classic shows
the surprising extent to which boys and girls, men and
women are made – not born.

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    You are living in one of the most exciting times in human history! People have struggled for thousands of years to find happiness and fulfillment, but now its clear that you can have the life you desire if you learn to use your mind correctly. 
    Today, the realm of miracles and mystery being understood in a new way as the connection between mind, body, and spirit becomes clearer and more accessible to you. Your mind is not only a powerful ally in your quest for a better life, but it is also your link to others and the Divine through the energy web of all creation. By learning to apply the principles in these pages, you will have greater access to your personal potential and story of success. 
    In this easy-to-read and practical book, Dr. David James, an expert on personal transformation, introduces you to your magnificent mind and shows you how to harness its power to create a life filled with happiness, abundance, and well-being.
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    A methodology that guides you on your self-realization journey
    This book presents a system that integrates Yoga, Meditation, Tarot, Writing, Visualization, Positive Affirmations, Coaching, Mandala for Transformation and Action Plan. When you practice this method, energy moves in your favor and helps you to manifest everything you always desired and dreamt about.
    This work will guide you in improving the twelve most important areas in your life: Identity, Finances, Mind, Home/Family, Health, Creativity/Fun, Relationships, Sexuality, Spirituality, Work/Profession, Goals and Introspection.
    The Key to your Happiness will help you to:
     Know yourself better
     Improve your finances
     Love your sexuality
     Calm the mental buzz
     Construct a solid spirituality
     Develop harmonious family relationships
     Overcome the fear of success
     Improve your health
     Learn to set goals for yourself
     Awaken your creativity and have fun
     Discover the potential within you
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  • Yoga the Pathway to Perfection - Yoga Is Not a Way of Doing but a Way of Being - cover

    Yoga the Pathway to Perfection -...

    Kandasamy Arunachalam

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    Yoga falls into four categories: the first being the yoga of devotion is termed Bhakti yoga, the second being yoga of service is termed karma yoga, the third being yoga of wisdom is termed Jnana yoga, and the fourth being yoga of meditation is termed Raja yoga. There are, of course, other forms of yoga that are accessories to the four main categories. What we are concerned here is Raja yoga.
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