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Order of Assassins - The Psychology of Murder - cover

Order of Assassins - The Psychology of Murder

Colin Wilson

Publisher: Diversion Books

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An examination of the motives for murder from the bestselling author of The Outsider—“Colin Wilson puts the Manson murders in coldly sharp perspective” (Evening Standard).   Why is the “motiveless” murder an increasing phenomenon today? What is the mentality behind the Manson massacres and other shocking cases of brutal killing—too frequent to be written off as isolated cases? In his penetrating exploration of murder, Colin Wilson suggests that the apparently meaningless violence so frighteningly prevalent today is the result of boredom and frustration induced by a repressive society. Particular individuals of high creative potential are thwarted in their natural drives and ambitions and are forced to tread the deadly path of homicide. Colin Wilson traces this path, describing in detail many instances of violent crime, and provides valuable insights that may point to an explanation.  
Available since: 08/25/2015.
Print length: 272 pages.

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    Looking at neuropsychiatry in the context of major cultural and artistic achievements, Trimble explores changing views of the human brain and its relation to behavior and cognition over 2,500 years of Western civilization. Beginning with the early Greek physicians and moving through the Middle Ages, Enlightenment, Romantic era, World Wars, and present day, he explores understandings about the brain’s integral role in determining movement, motivation, and mood. Persuasively arguing that storytelling forms the backbone of human culture and individuality, Trimble describes the dawn and development of artistic creativity and traces the conflicts between differing philosophical views of our world and our position in it. 
    A sweeping history of the branch of medicine concerned with both psychic and organic aspects of mental disorder, the book reveals what scientists have learned about movement and emotion by studying people with such diseases as epilepsy, syphilis, hysteria, psychosis, movement disorders, and melancholia. The Intentional Brain is a marvelous and interdisciplinary look at the clinical interface between the mind and the brain.
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    Concepts aren't simply brushed upon; they are meticulously unpacked.200+ Q&A in with comprehensive explanations, a strength where our guide genuinely excels. 
    Note that this guide is independent and unaffiliated with any official PMP entity, designed purely for your benefit. 
    Constructed with a clear structure and plain language, our PMP Exam Prep 2024 ensures seamless transitions between topics. Say goodbye to complex terminology and welcome clear, precise, and technically accurate content. 
    So, why wait? Press the BUY NOW button, secure your guide, and embark on your journey to PMP Exam Prep 2024 mastery!
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    "The artist must create a spark before he can make a fire." --Auguste Rodin, French sculptorWho better to speak about the creative process than the greatest artists in history? From Georgia O'Keeffe and Ralph Waldo Emerson to Pablo Picasso and Isak Dinesen, Words of Art is a celebration of the craft and the artists who have changed the way we see the world--and influenced how we create.You can't ask Michelangelo how he felt when he first took a step back to look at the statue of David, or what Leonardo da Vinci felt when he began painting the Mona Lisa, but you can read their words and imagine for a moment how these stunning works came to be.
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