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Justified - An Agent Jade Monroe FBI Thriller #2 - cover

Justified - An Agent Jade Monroe FBI Thriller #2

C.M. Sutter

Publisher: C.M. Sutter

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"Editorial Review 
Investigators believe three young women were mauled by bears but soon find out they were actually victims of a monstrous murderer, and newly minted FBI agent Jade Monroe is brought in to help find him. The killer is clever enough never to be seen on surveillance camera, and Jade and company start to believe they’re following a ghost. The body count goes up, and so do the stakes for finding this madman, who begins to strike closer to home. Fans of Jade Monroe are in for an emotionally charged ride with Sutter’s latest, a most welcome addition to her terrific new FBI series.” Angela M., Editor, Red Adept Editing 
They can’t keep up with the body count he leaves behind. FBI agents Jade Monroe and J.T. Harper are on the trail of their most recent serial killer, but they know his whereabouts only by the carnage left in his wake. By the time they reach his most recent location, he’s long gone. 
Without a clear description of the man, they’re chasing a shadowy figure that people see from a distance—a ghost—that’s killing at an alarming rate. 
A stroke of luck brings the agents face-to-face with a survivor. What they learn from the woman’s hospital bed description of her brutal attacker changes everything. The situation has suddenly become more than dangerous—and to Jade, more than personal. 
Note: All Jade Monroe books are standalone stories but since characters carry over, they are best read in chronological order. 
Series One - Detective Jade Monroe Crime Thriller Series 
#1 Maniacal 
#2 Captive 
#3 Fallacy 
#4 Premonition 
#5 Exposed 
Note: The Jade Monroe FBI Thriller books follow on the heels of the conclusion of Exposed, Book 5 in the Detective Jade Monroe Crime Thriller Series. 
Series Two – Agent Jade Monroe FBI Thriller Series 
#1 Snapped  
#2 Justified 
#3 Donors 
#4 Leverage 
#5 Malice

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  • The Bashkir Extraction - Tracie Tanner Thrillers - cover

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    If you're a fan of Mitch Rapp, brought to life by the late Vince Flynn, or of the Brad Thor patriot Scot Harvath, meet your newest hero, Tracie Tanner: 
    It's late January 1988, and CIA Director Aaron Stallings gives Tracie Tanner what should be her simplest assignment in years. A secret Russian military facility has been discovered deep inside the Soviet satellite nation of Bashkir, nestled in the Ural Mountains. Tracie is to travel to Bashkir and put the facility under surveillance, returning to Langley the following week to brief agency specialists on what she has learned. 
    It's a straightforward assignment, simple as these things go. 
    But once established in her surveillance location, Tracie observes something she can hardly believe, something so shocking it changes the nature of her assignment entirely. 
    What was once a simple mission now becomes nearly suicidal: Tracie must find a way inside the heavily fortified facility and then recover and extract something of extreme value - a captured CIA operative, a man who has worked with Tracie in the past. His condition is unknown, as are the intentions of his captors. 
    But Tracie knows without help his fate will be grim. 
    Working alone and with no backup for thousands of miles, driven by the knowledge that she holds the life and future of another operative entirely in her hands, Tracie soon finds herself facing a staggering moral and ethical dilemma. 
    And there is no good outcome. 
    And she may not escape Bashkir with her life. 
    Praise for the Tracie Tanner thriller series:  
    "Allan Leverone's PARALLAX VIEW is a sure-footed, masterful thriller with a breakneck pace that never lets up. Faced with the deepest act of betrayal in U.S. history, CIA agent Tracie Tanner must call on every tool she has---and her every last reserve to see the mission through.  
    On the run from the agency she loves and serves,Tracie teams up with an unlikely companion, air traffic controller Shane Rowley. Now the two of them are on the run. There's still a chance to avert a disaster of terrific proportions, but the clock is running out.  
    Tracie Tanner is one for the ages. I loved this book!" -- J. Carson Black, New York Times bestselling author of THE SHOP and SPECTRE BLACK  
    "A sexy, sophisticated Cold War thriller with all the intensity of THE LONELY MILE" -- C.J. West, author of THE END OF MARKING TIME  
    "Bringing back the days of the Cold War like a Best of Tom Clancy flashback, Parallax View is a rocking read from start to finish!" -- Ian Graham, author of PATRIOTS AND TYRANTS  
    "PARALLAX a powerhouse full-throttle spy thriller...a taut and thoughtful journey back to the dying days of the Cold will keep you up, and on the edge of your chair, long into the night." — Nashua (NH) Sunday Telegraph  
    Praise for Allan Leverone:  
    "Allan Leverone delivers a taut crime drama full of twists and conspiracy..." -- Scott Nicholson, Amazon bestselling author of LIQUID FEAR and THE RED CHURCH  
    "Allan Leverone raises the stakes with every turn of the page..." -- Sophie Littlefield, Anthony Award-winning author of A BAD DAY FOR SORRY  
    "The successor to Michael Crichton has landed. And his name is Allan Leverone." -- Vincent Zandri, New York Times bestselling author of EVERYTHING BURNS and THE REMAINS
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