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We Are All Self-Employed - How to Take Control of Your Career - cover

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We Are All Self-Employed - How to Take Control of Your Career

Cliff Hakim

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

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This is not a book about starting your own business. Then again, it is. By now there is ample evidence that an "employed" attitude-believing that you work for an employer and acting as though by doing your work your job will be secure-is defunct. An employed attitude is the antithesis of what you need now to endure and prosper. In this revised edition of his prescient bestseller, Cliff Hakim shows how to replace your employed attitude with a self-employed attitude.
"We are all self-employed" is an empowering belief that you can steer your own direction and influence the quality of your life. You're the boss--a self-leader-- whether you work inside or outside of an organization. You are the decision-maker and ultimately, the onus is on you to imagine, plan, explore, and create the worklife that you want.
In We Are All Self-Employed Hakim presents and clarifies the minimum critical requirements needed to develop, deepen, and sustain a self-employed attitude. He takes you on a journey of assimilating and constructing this new, more empowered attitude toward work and life. Each chapter features checklists and exercises to deepen your understanding of what a self-employed attitude is and how you can cultivate and maintain it, as well as examples of the self-employed attitude in action. The book's lessons are summarized in an inspiring and energizing Worklife Creed for this exciting and challenging new world of work. We Are All Self-Employed will call out and nourish the self-leader in you so that you can create a successful and satisfying life.
Available since: 12/03/2003.

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    In the end, it all comes down to what your customer wants to tell you about your product. However, how many of us have been taught how to listen to our customers?
    What You'll Find Inside:
    If only it was as easy as having our potential customers pick up the phone to give us a call and tell us what they'd like our products to do for them. That never seems to happen so product managers have to take a different approach.
    The good news is that information on what our customers want our products to do is out there – we just need to know how to find it. Visiting the customer is a great way to get important product information if you know how to ask the right questions. Additionally, we all collect tons of information on our customers and our products, but knowing what to do with it is another story.
    You wouldn't think that an angry customer would be able to help a product manager improve their product, but you'd be wrong. Angry customers will tell you in very clear terms what your product is NOT doing for them.
    Your ultimate goal as a product manager has to be to involve your customer in the product creation process. Since your customer is the one who best knows and understands what their needs are, the more that they can contribute to the design of the product, the better your chances of selling it them are.
    Finally, depending on how new or innovative your product is, your customers may not understand what it does or even that they have the problem that it solves. When you find yourself in this situation, you've got the job of educating your customer about not only their problems but also the solution that your product can provide them with.
    This book contains the answers that you need in order to better understand what your customers are trying to tell you. It's a matter of understanding how to listen to them and then how to understand what they have been trying to tell you. After you've read the book, you're going to be a product manager who understands what your customers are trying to tell you better than anyone else!
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    Within the genre of financial self-help, Trusts: A Practical Guide is an invaluable and rare resource for financial experts and members of the public alike who need a reference work on a subject that is, on the face of it, complex but which undeniably affects many people’s lives at one point or another. 
    Whatever your occupation or background, you are almost certain at some time to need some understanding of this subject, whether in your own financial planning or in advising those around you – and this guide is particularly helpful when dealing with a relative’s probate or the complex issues arising from an inheritance. 
    After thirty-five years at the top of his profession, FSA member Terry O'Halloran writes passionately and informatively, not only about his subject but also about the importance of spreading the word to others. He has seen many times first hand the benefits of well-organized and implemented financial planning on people’s lives. More poignantly, he has seen what can happen when such matters are left to chance. 
    Using famous historical characters, placing them in recognizable situations and using real life case histories, he explains the organization and procedure of Trusts simply and easily bringing his subject alive by putting it in a perspective that is easily assimilated by the layman. 
    Terry O'Halloran clearly explains the intricacies of Trusts and confronts their realities with real-life examples such as a family case involving a number of ex-wives, a business partnership that goes very expensively wrong and even the attempted murder of a director and removal of the would-be assassin (as a Trustee). 
    Building the full picture from simple steps, the author explains the merits or otherwise of trusts and their uses with life assurance and pension products. 
    “Trusts are the most important adjunct to life assurance, business protection, estate planning and pension provision. A basic understanding is essential,” he insists. 
    After searching in vain for a book for his own use, the need for a reference book on this subject was clear. “I needed a reference book that I could refer to during the working day but which would also be simple enough for any of my clients to understand. So I wrote one – in fact I had to write it because there was simply nothing suitable in existence. Moreover, I use it all the time. My own copies are dog-eared from use. 
    “I believe Trusts is a practical tool for the professional’s everyday use and a good guide for the layman.”
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  • 55 Daily People Skills - 55 Ways You Will be a Better People Person Starting Today - cover

    55 Daily People Skills - 55 Ways...

    Dre Baldwin

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    It's happened to me, too. A lack of connections has cost me opportunities.  
    Knowing the right people - who knew and liked me - has helped me many times as well.  
    It seems random, but what if we could get some control over these occurrences?  
    What if you could develop and strategically use skills for connecting with people? What if you could then leverage those connections to advance your interests while helping others?  
    This isn't "too good to be true". People are doing it every single day.  
    With this book, you're next.  
    Everything you do will involve people.  
    In sports, you have teammates, opponents, and coaches.  
    Businesses have co-workers, customers, prospects, suppliers, employees, and bosses.  
    Relationships don't even exist without at least two people involved.  
    Making money, winning awards, getting jobs, getting known...all require people to be involved.  
    All this said, your people skills must constantly improve. Expanding your ability to deal with people will always help you.  
    Here, you'll learn 55 people skills that need to become part of your communication arsenal starting now. Some, you may have been taught before. Some will be completely new to you. Some you may know about, but have forgotten to remember to use. Let this be your reminder.  
    Avoid the mistake of thinking you "already know" anything within this book, because knowing it is your problem! If you were doing it instead of just knowing it, you'd be getting better results with people, and in turn increased success in every area of your life.  
    This booklet will infuse you with 55, everyday people skills.  
    How soon can you start? How soon will you see results? The next time you communicate with a person!  
    Remember: Communication is much more than just talking. Listen on and learn. Then do something with what you know.
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    Joyce Bone

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    The founder of shares the inspiring stories—and secrets—of thirty-five women who made millions while raising their children. Women truly can do it all, and Joyce Bone is living proof. As a stay at home mom with limited resources, Joyce started her own business, EarthCare, and grew it into a publicly traded company. Her first step toward success was deciding to believe it was possible. And she’s not the only woman to turn her dream life into a reality. In Millionaire Moms, you will not only learn from Joyce’s inspiring story, but also from thirty-five millionaire moms who share their secrets on how to: Leverage resources to finance a businessTame your day in order to juggle business and family lifeDetermine your motivation for starting a business in the first placeConquer fear and master the little voice in your headMaster key personality traits necessary to create a successful business and homeStrategize your plan for an exciting future! Is it possible for an average woman to be a prosperous businesswoman and an outstanding mom at the same time? The answer is yes! Enter the exciting world of millionaire moms and prepare to create your ideal life.
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  • Mind Maps - Efficiency and Productivity - cover

    Mind Maps - Efficiency and...

    Jordy Madueño

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    Do you tend to have too many ideas? So many, that it gets difficult to make a decision, right? Well, there are great tools for idea management and one of the best ones is about creating a mind map with all your ideas. 
    Sadly, it's not enough to take paper and pen to start writing everything. Well, it's not enough if you wish to be efficient and productive. 
    There are important steps, principles, and digital solutions to create the best mind maps and that's what we will learn here. 
    We will start with the basics and move forward into the advanced recommendations, which include advice for specific projects. 
    For example, how to use a mind mad for writing a book? How to use mind maps for research and studying? How to use mind maps for building a business? How to use mind maps to organize your life? And much more. 
    As you can see, it's a powerful skill you need to develop for personal and professional success. 
    Let me be your guide through this process, and I will make it worth it.
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