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The Countess's Compliant - cover

The Countess's Compliant

Clare Penne


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The queen of decadent and outré erotica in the world of the wealthy and powerful, Clare Penne, brings you another tale of dominated and feminised masculinity. 

Together with proof that laws on their own are not enough to prevent the human bondage of one free and independent spirit to another. 

If, that is, the one intending to own the other is blessed with position, money, and powerful contacts. 

A tale of female domination and male submission. 

Volume-Length: 109000-words. 


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    While most of Patrick’s body is perfectly conventional, from the neck up, he’s shaped like…a pumpkin pie.
    Oh. My. Gourd.
    Patrick’s improbable face sends Mitchell’s head spinning, but a fluttering heart can’t lie: Mitchell feels a connection and it feels so right. Now both Mitchell and Patrick must dig deep to find out if their relationship is strong enough to overcome their insecurities, conquer their demons, and silence their fear of the unknown. Will their love stay whole or will it crumble to pieces? Dig in to find out!
    [Patrick is a delicious debut novel that delivers a whimsical and touching twist of magical realism to the contemporary gay romance genre. At just over 83,000 words, this is a standalone book and features a HEA, a humorous cast of queer and allied supporting characters, a healthy dose of angst, and trips to fun, iconic locations in and around Los Angeles. Now who wants a slice?]
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    Warning: This title contains sensual language, ladies making love and possibly more feelings than you can process.
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