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Live Your Calling - A Journal of Healing - cover

Live Your Calling - A Journal of Healing

Cindy Ogilvie

Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing

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Divine destiny is yours! 
Live Your Calling is written for you. Ogilvie has given you the opportunity to read the compilation she has journaled for several years about her journey of healing and learning to take a stand in spiritual warfare. As you read her true stories, she will inspire you, give you revelation, and remind you that you are worthy. No matter where you’ve been or what you have done, you are called by the almighty God. 
Cindy Ogilvie is a wife, a mother of three, a gardener, and thrives in the position of hospitality. Her passion in life is learning to live her calling. She realized years ago that being a wife, mom, and doing her hobbies would not succeed without God. 
She grew up in an abusive home. She’s been abandoned, sexually, and physically abused from the age of seven, and has had to trudge through life seeking the calling God had put on her life. 
She began to journal as she studied God’s living Word and after three years, and her husband’s gentle push to get it into the world, so she did just that. Live Your Calling pushes the children of God to become who they are called to be. Men and women all over the world will and are becoming warriors, givers, forgivers, and exhorters because of the inspired word that Cindy believes she receives from the Holy Spirit and through her testimony every day.

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