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Dr Dix and the Dream Machine - cover

Dr Dix and the Dream Machine

Cindy Johnson

Publisher: Cindy Johnson

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Amanda is struggling with painful headaches, and goes to Dr. Dix to discover the cause. The friendly doctor immediately knows that the problem is Amanda's libido - she has locked away all her desires, and refuses to touch a man. She won't even touch herself!

	To help to unleash all of the pent up energy that is driving her crazy, Dr. Dix gives Amanda The Dream Machine. Amanda is to wear it that night, and the machine will show her the fantasies she has locked away from herself. Will the machine help her headaches? Will Amanda leave her maiden life behind and experience true pleasure for the first time?

	Read to find out!

	For mature audiences. All themes and characters are 21+

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    Seduced by the Demon Incubus...

    Skye Eagleday

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    Seduced by the Demon Incubus (Paranormal Erotic Romance by the NY Times and USA Today Best Selling Author, Skye Eagleday)
    	Luka is everyone’s sexual fantasy figure. Tonight he felt the ceremonial Call of a woman seeking revenge against the man she believed had wronged her. In other words, a typical evening. But there was nothing typical about the beautiful Jemma, who was lighting the final candle to Summon an Incubus. She demanded revenge. “Tucker is a homophobe,” she said, her voice filled with anger. “I want him to suffer humiliation, so I command you to seduce him—make him your unresisting bitch.”
    	The Incubus discovers Tucker is like Jemma. Both carry an unknown Supernatural heritage and their interactions with Luka will bring all three to new heights of passion and Power. In another time, the couple would have become Shamans.  But waking these special abilities for two modern day humans in the middle of a lover’s quarrel could pose all sorts of danger to everyone around them. Can the sexy Incubus use his skills of seduction and ultimate lust to save them all?
    	(A scorching hot Adults Only story featuring explicit supernatural sex with two mostly humans, initiated by the most erotic and sensual of the Demons. Luka requires the carnal passion of others to survive, but pays in the currency of mind-blowing and extreme orgasms.)
    	I was nursing the last of my two drinks while I waited for the Incubus to return. All I could think about was what it would be like to be with him. What skill he must have in bed. I felt guilty—dirty. I wasn't focused on getting even with Tucker. Every time I closed my eyes, I would see those glowing red eyes spotted with pure white. I wondered what he would feel like underneath his clothes—what it would feel like to run my fingers through his thick chest hair. I sipped the last of my drink and realized my panties were damp. 
    	I looked up and he was staring at me, standing outside of the Circle. He had changed clothes, and his eyes were exactly the same color as Tucker's. I felt a shiver of fear. 
    	“Can you go back to how you were when I Summoned you?” He nodded and once again he was the man I had been fantasizing about, his eyes redder than fresh blood. I studied him for a moment, and asked, “Is this your true form?”
    	I hated that question, since the answer was so complicated. I pumped up the charm factor and replied, “It is the face I see when I look in the mirror.” The best way to lie is to tell a truth. Just not the entire truth. 
    	“And what is your name? I realize Incubus now sounds more like your title rather than your name.” 
    	“Oh, knowing someone's true name gives you a certain Power over them, Jemma Mackenzie Farraday.” I moved a step closer to her as her eyebrows went up. “But you may call me Luka.” I noticed she had not asked me about Tucker, just as I had noticed her arousal and the echoes in her mind of what it would be like to be intimate with me.
    	Those fantasies told me she was not like Tucker. She wanted to be dominated the way no one would dominate her in the day or at her work. She wanted to give up all responsibility for her sexual desires. She wanted to be the innocent one, and blame the Big Bad Incubus. I enjoyed a sip of the scotch she had offered me and she drank half of hers in one swallow. Scotch should only be taken that way as self-medication. I took another step forward, giving my movement the slightest hint of menace. Her heart beat sped up.
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  • Boy Stories - cover

    Boy Stories

    Benji Bright

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    Find your new favorite fantasy in Boy Stories: 15 Quick and Dirty Gay Tales. The flash fiction in this collection is what you'd expect from erotic writer Benji Bright (Candid and The Flavor Triptych)--sexy, ardent, and graphic. Some stories feature characters that are open and warm, while others cast a different, darker light on the lives of queer men. Whether they're bartalk buddies, sex cult members, best bros, or futuristic rebels, there are guys in Boy Stories who will win your heart and turn you on. Sure, your time with them is short, but there's good news here: there's another waiting for you just a page away. REVIEWS:"In a collection of short stories released by GoDeeper Press, Benji Bright has managed to accomplish something impossible; leaving me speechless. If I could describe this collection in one word, that word would be 'awesome'. I am not familiar with any of this author's other work, but let me tell you, after reading Boy Stories, I am addicted.... This was a great pleasure to read, and with that I am awarding him 5 stars. A great collection from a fantastic author that is not to be missed." --Lisa at The Novel Approach ("Benji Bright’s gay tales prove extraordinary in their capacity to provoke arousal in such brief forms. His concise yet striking prose carries the reader along breathlessly from one unusual situation to the next with nary a chance to recover. The insight we gain into these tiny, complicated worlds is not to be missed." --Dario Dalla Lasta, Author of Squeeze Pants"This is such a great little collection – I quite literally loved from the very first page. And what’s not to like? 15 exemplary bites of red hot, super sexy flash fiction. And as the title suggests, it’s all about the boys." --Tamsin Flowers, Erotica Author at"I loved the diversity! Benji takes on all genres, and even includes some really nice 2nd POV, which he does very well, by the way. Charm School was extremely hot! I wished I was actually walking through all of it.... In this collection alone you'll find everything from blunt to abstract, voyeurism, infidelity, sex cults, fantasy, angst, literally hot sex, alternate universes, Greek demigods, and hot bachelors. And never is it overwhelming! So much kudos and respect to a very talented man." -- J.R. (Amazon Reviewer)
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  • Locked in Lace - cover

    Locked in Lace

    Lyra K.

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    After walking out of life he knew, Jason finds himself taken home by the mysterious and strange Ms. Navarro - but there's a ulterior motive behind her hospitality. Forced into dresses and turned into a helpless, weak girl, will Jason ever find his way out? With no family, no money, and no hope, does he even want to?
    	Excerpt: His moment of relief was squashed when he realized what he was wearing. The slate gray babydoll gown hung from his shoulders and barely covered his butt, and the layers of frills flounced and shook as he tried to maintain his balance. She hadn’t answered his question about how long he was out, but his legs and arms were now noticeably skinnier, and his skin had paled to an alabaster white. All the strength seemed to have gone out of him and he leaned heavily on his captor for support.
    	“Easy, little one. Your condition is very delicate. Would you like something to eat?” Jason nodded weakly, and they walked together through the dark halls to the kitchen with Susan walking quietly behind. During the short trip Jason became too light-headed to continue and was forced to take ragged, small breaths through coughing fits until his head stopped swimming. At last they passed through the familiar dining hall and into the kitchen, as empty and lonely as every other part of the house. 
    	Lungs burning and head spinning, Jason leaned up against a fridge for support while he tried to catch his breath. When he regained himself, he looked up into his reflection in the shiny metal and stumbled back in shock - he barely recognized the feminized image that looked more like a sickly girl than a young man. His curly pigtails spilling down the sides of his face framed it so prettily, and his pale white skin made him look as weak and vulnerable as he felt. The frilly gown hung from his slender frame, giving the suggestion of budding young breasts. Reaching his slender, black-nailed fingers to his bust he found that there was more than a suggestion - they were real! Small, but real! 
    	All his remaining strength went out of him and he stumbled back, into Ms. Navarro’s waiting arms. “Wha, what the hell have you done to me?!” He cried, struggling uselessly as she gripped him into a tight hug. He fought until another coughing fit overtook him, smothering his will to fight. “P-please” He sputtered, “Turn me back, let me leave. I won’t tell anyone, please..”  
    	She sat down on the counter, pulling Jason onto her lap with ease. “Why, the doors are always open. If you want to leave, you may leave - but why would you?” She idly played with one of his ringleted pigtails. “You said yourself, you have nowhere to go. And that illness took quite a toll… you’re hardly the man you used to be.” She giggled softly to herself at this and Jason’s stomach twisted up inside. “You wouldn’t survive a day on the streets the way you are now - but my home is warm, and so am I. Stay with me, Julia.”
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  • Interracial Sex Stories Collection: Seducing Asian Guys (BWAM) - cover

    Interracial Sex Stories...

    Sasha Collins

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    Grab this awesome 5 book collection presented to you by top selling author, Sasha Collins. These are 5 hot and sexy tales of Interracial loving involving a beautiful black woman and a hunky man of Asian Descent. From Asian Billionaires to secret samurai soldiers, this collection has it all!
    	Warning: All these books contain Erotic Sex scenes and must only be read by mature audiences
    	Book 1: 
    	Interracial Sex Stories: Seduced By An Asian Billionaire (BWAM)
    	When Janet is set up on a blind date she is not sure what to expect. She discovers that her date is a billionaire and he is also Asian which is not something Janet had ever considered before. However, there was something quite charming about Carl and she wanted to find out more....
    	Book 2: 
    	My Secret Asian Affair (Interracial Sex Stories BWAM)
    	Candice is not enjoying married life and life at work is just as boring. That was until one day she gets to work very closely with new guy, Lee who just happens to be the finest Asian man she has ever set eyes on. Candice has never been with an Asian man before but there is a first time for everything....
    	Book 3: 
    	In Love With An Asian Assassin (Interracial Sex BWAM)
    	Nadine has never previously dated an Asian guy but Minh was very different and she was beginning to fall for him in a BIG way. They have not yet slept together and tonight could be the big night but first Minh must reveal a big secret.....
    	Book 4: 
    	How I Seduced My ASIAN Boss (Interracial Sex Stories BWAM)
    	Mr. Chan is the youngest CEO the company has ever had and he is drop dead gorgeous too. He is a hot topic among Celeste and her co-workers with many wondering if they had a chance. Celeste is the type of woman who does not like to wait around and she is very confident that she is going to be able to seduce her asian boss, so confident she actually puts money on it...
    	Book 5: 
    	BWAM Interracial Erotica:  Sex With A Samurai
    	If you have never had sex with a samurai soldier then you do not know what you are missing out on....
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  • A Gift out of Tragedy - cover

    A Gift out of Tragedy

    Linda Wythim

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    Aaron just wanted the pain to stop- 
    Aaron King is at a painful crossroads in his life. His mom is dying of breast cancer. She has always been more than a mom. Always been his best friend, his only friend. The one he turns to for advice and to share his deepest soul. But how can you share the fear of loss with the person who you will be losing. 
    Corey Cooper was born to be a nurse- 
    Corey has a love in his heart for others. A natural empathy that has always drawn him to help others. 
    Some said it was because he was gay, but he always knew the one didn't have anything to do with the other. That was why he didn't have any luck in love. 
    All paths cross for a reason- 
    From the moment their paths cross in that hospital, Aaron is drawn to the compassion and grace that Corey exudes. 
    Neither one of them have reason to believe that fateful day has hidden blessings in store for them. But as the days wear on-hearts are bared-and each finds out love shows up in the strangest places. 
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  • The Training - cover

    The Training

    Alexander Kelly

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    Little does Heather know, she has been selected for an experiment.  One that will test her physical and emotional limits.  While out dancing with a group of friends she becomes the object of desire for Louise, a woman directed to introduce Heather to the world of S&M, a woman who not only brings out Heather’s latent submission, but who is also one half of a couple with Marcus.  Together they entice, then push Heather, bringing her to the heights and to the depths of ecstatic pain. Heather’s world expands, but also narrows at the same time, until all she knows and cares about is the strict training, even to the point of neglecting her college studies and possibly losing her scholarship.  But the hidden agenda of the experiment, of turning a randomly selected subject into a crawling slave, overtakes Marcus and Louise as well.  Marcus begins to ignore his primary slave, Amanda, while Louise feels submissive tendencies awakened in her by a new acquaintance, James. Yet, it is Heather, with a ravenous sexual hunger, around whom they all revolve.  The more and more discipline Heather needs collides against the outside pressures of the experiment on Marcus and Louise.  They are forced to bring in another person to help train Heather, a mysterious, young man named Tyson.  With an agenda of his own Tyson takes over Heather’s training, under Louise’s and Marcus’s direction, determined to bring Heather into full slavery.
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