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Save a Million Dollars and Retire Early! - A collection of personal finance lessons to educate inspire and allow you to achieve your financial success - cover

Save a Million Dollars and Retire Early! - A collection of personal finance lessons to educate inspire and allow you to achieve your financial success

Christopher Brathmill

Publisher: Christopher Brathmill

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This book – just like your personal finances – is a journey.  If you want to take control of your financial life, you need to be inspired.  You need the “why”.  Why am I going to spend time and energy on this?  Why am I going to make temporary sacrifices, work harder and skip buying some of the things I want?   
If you can’t answer those questions, don’t buy this book.  In fact, don’t buy any personal finance books and don’t even try to improve your finances.  It all starts with the why.  However, if you have an answer to the why – to retire early, to become financially independent, to help put your kids through school, to save a million dollars – keep reading.     
This book will open your eyes to what’s possible and how to make it possible.  Through ten concise, easy to understand lessons, you’ll be inspired to achieve and you’ll be given the knowledge (along with some tips and tricks) to make it happen. 
Here’s the journey we’ll take… 
1) How to Save a Million Dollars 
2) Managing Money 
3) Getting Out of Debt 
4) Saving Money 
5) Retiring Early 
6) Can You Really Get Rich by Skipping Your Morning Coffee? 
7) Make Your Future-Self Rich  
8) Increase Your IRA Returns  
9) The Zero Interest Mortgage 
10) College as a Cost/Benefit Investment 

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