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Hot-Footing it to Health - cover

Hot-Footing it to Health


Publisher: Christine Stormer Fryer

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Within every human being is a natural desire to be healthy and well—health being the foundation for an abundant life. With the human race becoming increasingly frenetic, keeping pace can be incredibly daunting, and personal wellbeing often ends up taking a back seat. 
There is no better time than now to use these accelerated energies to 'Hot-foot it to Health' with Reflexology, an ancient and highly effective form of natural healing. Using the feet— the physique's unsung heroes—reflexology activates and mobilises the body's innate healing abilities to hasten the healing process. 
In this insightful book, Christine Lynne Stormer-Fryer, a world-renowned authority on natural healing and health, reveals how feet highlight the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of being human, and suggests the best steps to regain and maintain optimum health using the neutral energies of reflexology.

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    Imagine for a moment that you are about to take a foreign vacation to an exotic destination. You have saved your entire life to travel there. It is a destination with almost unlimited choices of how to spend your time and you know you will not have enough time to explore every opportunity. You are fairly certain that you will never get to take a second trip to this destination; this will be your one opportunity.
    Now imagine that someone informs you that there are several people in your neighborhood who have been to that country, explored every corner. Some of them enjoyed the journey and have few regrets, but others wish they could take the trip again knowing what they know now. Would you not invite them over for dinner, ask them to bring their photographs, listen to their stories, and hear their advice? 
    This is precisely the journey explored in this book. Dr. John Izzo and his colleagues interviewed  over 200 people over the age of sixty (up to 106 years of age) who were identified by others as having lived happy lives and as having found purpose and contentment. The interviewees ranged from aboriginal elders to town barbers, from Hollacaust survivors to former CEO’s. In these interviews, each person was asked to reflect back on his or her life to identify the sources of happiness and meaning as well as lessons learned, regrets, major crossroads, and what did not contribute to meaning in their lives. Based on these interviews, and Dr. Izzo’s twenty years experience helping people find more spirit and purpose, the book explores the secrets to finding contentment, happiness, and purpose. 
    Using a powerful narrative voice, Dr. Izzo helps the reader understand the common themes from the lives of those interviewed, the commonality of what really matters in their lives, and especially how to put this wisdom into practice.
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    "For years, many friends, students, family members, and strangers have asked me the same question: How do I maintain my youthful look and zest for life? After publishing my first book and with the help of many amazing friends, I have decided to write a book that answers this question. In About Face there are numerous natural concepts and information about staying healthy, looking young and vibrant, from various sources.  
    Everything you think and feel is reflected on your face. What others see on your face depends on many factors in your life including diet and nutrition, your emotions, inherited and genetic factors, your natural disposition, the state of your health, and the amount, causes and duration of stresses in your life. Beyond emotional and mental stress other contributing factors come from environmental pollutants, injury, and surgery. Your youthfulness and vitality, at any age, also has a lot to do with your attitude. You are in control of a great many contributing factors relating to your radiant health and youthfulness. If you apply even just a few of the suggestions provided in this book, you truly can be younger than your chronological age.  
    Reflexology always has been a large part of what I do as a bodywork therapist. The effectiveness of lymphatic drainage techniques have been an important element of my personal practice. The Meridian Body Therapy explored here has never failed to produce consistent results in improving my life and the lives of my clients. My knowledge of medicinal herbs, essential oils, Bach flower remedies, common domestically found ingredients for use in different formulas are just a few other concepts I practice and have combined in this book.  
    About Face is holistic in nature. It addresses all the components of health and vitality and gives you practical and easy recipes and techniques, which will add quality to your life when applied to your face and body regularly. This work is a unique combination of many individual concepts including: 
    •    Face Reflexology                 
    •    Lymphatic drainage technique                
    •    Meridian/acupuncture points on the face        
    •    Lifestyle and its contribution to skin conditions 
    •    Natural skin care remedies and recipes
    •    Herbs and essential oils
    •    Movement and exercise
    •    Techniques and routines for rebalancing the face with:
    -    Relaxation
    -    Toning
    -    Face Lift 
    No matter what your age, radiant health, and youthful vitality are in your hands and at the tips of your fingers!"
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    Success requires a mindset that rejects old assumptions and limitation and frees people to imagine and accomplish something different. In Seizing Success, Baldev Seekri has developed a hopeful and unique view of the engine, that is the critical mindset which keeps people going despite the inevitable barriers.
    Judith M. Bardwick,
    PhD, Author, Danger in the Comfort Zone (National Bestseller)
     An excellent framework to access and fulfill the potential for individual success. An optimistic view that there is no externally-imposed limit to the total success in the world with several inspiring examples that its attainable.
    Woody Quimby,
    Former Sr. VP, Texas Instruments Inc.
     Seizing Success is a moving collection of stories about people who reached great heights by simply tapping into their own success mindset. Through storytelling, Baldev provides us with the empirical data that success lies in all of usbut it is our choice to make it happen or not. Read on, learn, and then begin to write your own powerful story of success. Youve got this.
    Pam Alarie,
    VP of Human Resources, The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company
    and Chairperson of the Board of Leadership Rhode Island
     Baldev Seekris success mindset principles and Ten Commandments of Developing a
    success mindset are essential for anyone who endeavors to get more from life than simply
    going through the motions.
    Ryan Houmand,
    Cofounder @ Qwerke, Author, Making Good Managers GREAT
    and Building the Worlds Most Engaged Teams
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  • The Happiness Secret - How to Rediscover Lost Happiness - cover

    The Happiness Secret - How to...

    Steve Wood

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    As with healthy eating and exercise habits, developing healthy happiness habits is something we should all be doing. But what golden key unlocks the door to a deeper understanding of the human psyche? What key costs nothing and yet provides an effective and doable solution? What key could become as integral a part of your everyday life as breathing? 
    In The Happiness Secret, author Steve Wood gives you the tools required for discovering and eradicating the causes of your unhappiness. He reveals one of lifes most profound secrets, the secret to uncovering whats already within you, the ultimate state of being, that, which in itself, is all empowering, and facilitates the only enduring solution to your personal inner happiness. He teaches you to learn to control your subconscious mind, enabling you to recover your personal power, restore your emotional equilibrium and to move forward with greater vigilance to a future of peaceful understanding in life and relationships, to authentic and enduring inner happiness. 
    Based on his personal journey to happiness, Wood shares tips for eliminating destructive thoughts and life-restricting emotions and for replacing those with lasting happiness in your heart. The Happiness Secret provides an easy-to-follow and inclusive discussion on the merits of happiness in the modern world.
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    Learn how to restore health, prolong life and maintain a healthy body system by decreasing your risk of getting cancer, increase your energy level, boost your immune system and facial wrinkle exercises to retain youthful appearance and to retain high standard of strength and resistance.
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