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Reading the Heart - Books by Christie Leigh Babirad Companion Journal - cover

Reading the Heart - Books by Christie Leigh Babirad Companion Journal

Christie Leigh Babirad

Publisher: TouchPoint Press

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We all have a story.
This is a journal for you to write down all that matters to you. My hope is that through the quotes taken from my books and the short prompts, you will see all the beauty, triumph, love, and uniqueness you hold and may be inspired to uncover and pursue endeavors and treasures that may have been hidden in your heart.
The world needs your story. The world needs you.
I believe all our stories matter, and I believe that a key way to find the story is to ask yourself specific questions. My hope is that this journal will be filled with your stories. Introducing each section, you will read quotes from my books, but that’s where my input ends and yours begins. You’ll get to know my stories a little bit in this journal, but these pages aren’t about me. They’re about YOU!
This book is your creative space.

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    A Brief Look Inside:
    than the surface of its pages. The characters and their world come alive,
    and the characters and its world still live on.
    Conversation Starters is peppered with questions designed to
    bring us beneath the surface of the page
    and invite us into the world that lives on.
    These questions can be used to..
    Create Hours of Conversation:
    • Foster a deeper understanding of the book
    • Promote an atmosphere of discussion for groups
    • Assist in the study of the book, either individually or corporately
    • Explore unseen realms of the book as never seen before
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    	Writing Formulae and Balancing Equations 
    	The Earth and the Atmosphere 
    	Rates of Reaction 
    	Products From Crude Oil
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