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Kongur - China's Elusive Summit - cover

Kongur - China's Elusive Summit

Chris Bonington

Publisher: Vertebrate Digital

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'It was Kongur that dominated everything, and was the focus of our gaze and aspirations.'
So thought Chris Bonington upon the Chinese Mountaineering Association's decision to open many of Tibet and China's mountains to foreigners in the 1980s. Not only did this mean that Kongur, China's 7,719-metre peak, was available to climb, but that those choosing to do so would be among the first to set foot there. It was an opportunity too good to miss.
For the planned alpine-style ascent of this daunting peak, Bonington assembled a formidable team, including Peter Boardman, Joe Tasker, Al Rouse and expedition leader Michael Ward. Their reconnaissance and 1981 expedition brought opportunity for discovery and obstacles in equal measure: they were able to explore areas that had eluded westerners since Eric Shipton's role as British Consul General in Kashgar in the 1940s; but appalling weather, unplanned bivouacs and tensions characterised their quest for the ever-elusive route to the summit.
Featuring diary extracts and recollections from each team member, this account not only captures the gripping detail of the ascent attempts, but also the ebb and flow of the relationships between the remarkable mountaineers involved. Add to this the pioneering medical work on high-altitude illnesses conducted by the four-man medical team, and the result is a book which captures a unique moment in mountaineering history.
Written with the cheer and eloquence typical of Chris Bonington, Kongur captures the essence of adventure and exploration that brings readers back to his books time and time again.
Available since: 05/07/2020.
Print length: 228 pages.

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    “As I hit the top of the finish ramp I heard that amazing voice and those unbelievable words, ‘Hines Ward…you are an IRONMAN!’ Like the touchdown pass I caught to win the 2005 Super Bowl, hearing Mike Reilly declare me an IRONMAN was one of the greatest moments of my life.” HINES WARD, Super Bowl XL MVP 
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    “The voice and passion of Mike Reilly bringing you home lifts you up and fulfills dreams for a lifetime. You'll love discovering what’s behind that passion in this book.” DAVE McGILLIVRAY, Boston Marathon Race Director/DMSE Sports
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    Guy Windsor’s historical martial arts training manuals are legendary. His first was published in 2004, and he’s been producing them ever since. They generate about half his income. So he is expert in writing, publishing, and marketing books for historical martial artists, and in this book he’ll teach you how to do it. 
    The goal of training manuals is to teach skills. This one will teach you: 
    •   How to write well 
    •   How to plan your book, or write without a plan 
    •   How to get reader feedback as you go 
    •   How to avoid procrastination and imposter syndrome 
    •   What tools to use 
    •   How to write without destroying your body 
    •   How to incorporate photos and videos  
    •   How to edit your work 
    •   What should be outsourced 
    •   How to publish: commercial, indy, or something else? 
    •   What metadata you need, and how to create it 
    •   How to choose your publishing platform 
    •   How to market your book 
    •   How to find your readers 
    •   How to launch 
    •   Everything you need to know about copyright and piracy 
    •   The best book marketing strategy of all time. 
    Also included: Guy’s article Show Your Work: how to communicate your historical martial arts research with the historical martial arts community. 
    If you’ve ever wanted to write a training manual for historical martial arts (or anything else), this book will show you how to do it. Buy it, listen to it, and get writing! 
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    The remarkable eighty-five-day journey of the first two women to canoe the 2,000-mile route from Minneapolis to Hudson BayUnrelenting winds, carnivorous polar bears, snake nests, sweltering heat, and constant hunger. Paddling from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay, following the 2,000-mile route made famous by Eric Sevareid in his 1935 classic Canoeing with the Cree, Natalie Warren and Ann Raiho faced unexpected trials, some harrowing, some simply odd. Warren's spellbinding account retraces the women's journey from inspiration to Arctic waters, giving listeners an insider view of planning a three-month canoe expedition to the successful accomplishment of the adventure of a lifetime.Along the route we meet the people who live and work on the waterways, including denizens of a resort who supply much-needed sustenance; a solitary resident in the wilderness who helps plug a leak; and the people of the Cree First Nation at Norway House, where the canoeists acquire a furry companion. Describing the tensions that erupt between the women and the natural and human-made phenomena they encounter, Warren brings us into her experience, and we join these modern women (and their dog) as they recreate this historic trip, including the pleasures and perils, the sexism, the social and environmental implications, and the enduring wonder of the wilderness.
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