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The Doctor Calls - Hyde & Seek #1 - cover

The Doctor Calls - Hyde & Seek #1

Chera Zade, Delaney Jane

Publisher: Chera Zade

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Isabel is no stranger to strange requests. As an aspiring artist, she's painted any number of tawdry scenes for her clients. Yet, Dr. Jekyll doesn't strike her as a man who wants titillating scenes painted upon his parlor wall. 
Though she arrives with paints and plans, she quickly discovers that this commission is not as it seems - and that Dr. Jekyll has stepped aside for the mysterious and irresistible Mr. Hyde.  
Hyde is no ordinary client. He seems not unlike the man she met in the market, but his eyes devour her with every glance. How will she resist him when he looks at her like that? 
However excited he makes her now, Isabel needs the work - the painting must be done. Yet, when it comes time for payment, she'll get far more than she bargained for. 
This is a historical Victorian erotica with literary characters from JEKYLL & HYDE. It contains explicit M/F scenes, spanking, and tantalizing pleasures. For mature (18+) audiences only 
***This title previously published as DEVOURED BY THE DOCTORS***

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    Lesson one: She makes the rules. Lesson two: Refer to lesson one. Billionaires in Bondage, Book 1. Donovan Morgan rules his billion-dollar international company with an iron fist. But in the privacy of his bedroom, he hungers for an iron lady to rule his body. Lilly Harrison helps her clients tame their personal demons by taming them. Lots of men—blue collar to white collar—enjoy female domination. But the ultra-rich and powerful CEO is alpha to the core. In public, that is. The challenge will be to teach him that bossy isn't always better. Donovan selects his potential Mistress as carefully as a prime investment opportunity, and negotiates a contract as tight and binding as any corporate takeover. He must ensure his privacy at all cost—even if he has to resort to a little blackmail to ensure her full cooperation. When the indomitable Miss Harrison laughs in his face, tears his contract up, and walks out without a backward glance, it seals the deal. Donovan will have her. Even if she makes him crawl to her side.  Warning: A billionaire used to buying everything he could possibly want—except in the bedroom; a Mistress determined to bring him to heel with her sexy red stilettos; inappropriate use of cherry pie and silk ties; and a steel-clad contract that will keep him exactly where she wants him.
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    CONFLICT OF DESIRE by Sandra SinclairAs  a journalist, Tameera Duncan is ruthless in search of the truth,  confident that she can withstand any obstacle thrown in her path.
    But she was never prepared for Blake Chandler.
    The  CEO of Chandler Pharmaceuticals, Blake sweeps Tameera off her feet,  charming her into one sizzling night after another. But what happens  when Tameera realizes Blake could be involved in the crime she is trying  to uncover? Which will she sacrifice – her career or her heart?
    - This bundle also includes the novelette:THE MATCHMAKER MEETS HER MATCH by Annette ArcherLiz  is a professional matchmaker, the best in the business. Her latest  client is the devastatingly handsome and eligible James Stevenson.  Unlike her typical clients, James is looking for true love with a 'real'  woman: the kind the come equipped with curves, and not the kind of  bimbos in Liz's portfolio. It's Liz's greatest challenge yet, and her  only hope lies in a lonely baker named Sherry, who comes knocking on her  business's door one morning.
    WARNING: This bundle  adds up to 29,204 steamy words that feature explicit scenes of  passionate lovemaking and may be too much for some readers to handle!
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  • The Lost Button - cover

    The Lost Button

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    In early 80’s Ukraine is stricken by perestroika and struggles for “democracy”, Afghanistan is in flames of a war where hundreds of eighteen-year-old youths are killed every day. Their peer, Dan, a student of cinematography, hardly cares about social problems anywhere on the planet. But one fatal encounter with a mysterious young lady in a picturesque corner of the Carpathians changes his life forever. Unable to let go of his love after getting lost with her in the woods for one beautiful night, the young man’s fascination with the actress turns into an obsession. He deliberately goes through all the hell circles in Afghanistan, striving to burn out the traces of his unrequited love. Years later his native country just starts experiencing a real advertising boom amidst which he finds a new way to apply his creative talent and inner strengths. However, the past of his love rushes back into his life and now this obsession takes him from one continent to another.
    The taut psychological thriller The Lost Button keeps the reader transfixed. The novel encompasses an entire era from the mid-70s of the previous century till the modern day with its geography stretching over the European region including Kiev, the Ukraine’s periphery, Russia and Montenegro, and at last the United States. It explores evergreen concepts of love, devotion, and betrayal and emphasizes the idea that whenever and wherever one lives, a tiny detail like a lost button has the power to set off a chain of events that would lead to either one’s greatest happiness or one’s greatest tragedy. It is about not looking back, but always valuing what you have – today and forever.
    The Lost Button received first place in the “Coronation of the Word” competition in 2005 and subsequently was made into a feature film.
    This title has been realised by a team of the following dedicated professionals: 
    Translated by Michael M. Naydan and Olha Tytarenko,
    Cover Art by Janice Lucier,
    Maxim Hodak - Максим Ходак (Publisher), 
    Max Mendor - Макс Мендор (Director), 
    Yana Kovalskaya and Camilla Stein.
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    Rachel may be beautiful, but she lives a lower-class life in  Northampton. As she experiences life as a servant and has to turn down  rich but shady suitors, Rachel looks back on and regrets having burned  bridges with her lost love, Michael, and yearns for the day when they  may meet again.  WARNING: This 10,630-word novelette is a steamy read that features  explicit scenes of passionate lovemaking in a historical Victorian-era  setting and maybe too much for some readers to handle!  BONUS! This ebook contains a preview of the hot story "Secrets of a Wedding Night" by Sandra Sinclair. 
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  • Who is Logan Woods? - A Sexy Bundle of 5 Outrageous Short Stories from Steam Books - cover

    Who is Logan Woods? - A Sexy...

    Steam Books, Logan Woods

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    The question isn't so much "who is Logan Woods" so much as it is "what are you in for when you open a Logan Woods book?"
    Here's a hint: Look out for strong women who know what they want, hunky men both experienced and fresh, modest adults indulging in their first true taste of ecstasy, and scenarios as ludicrous as any sex fantasy. We could tell you more, but trust us, it's much more effective to find out for yourself in this outrageous anthology of stories from one of erotica's most devious minds.
    This bundle includes (stories also available separately):
    SHE'S NOT A SLUTSome people have been taught all their lives by  family, peers, and society not to think for themselves. In some cases, the effects on their lives can be just as damaging as mental illness – and just as hard to cure. Some people are lucky. A caring individual can help. Sometimes they can completely restore an individual’s equilibrium simply by loving them. Sandra was lucky…
    AMBER'S FANTASYEven the mildest, most modest of women can surprise you after you’ve been married long enough. They cherish their secrets, but sometimes a desire or a fantasy becomes too intense to keep inside any more.  When that happens, her husband is in for the ride of his life.  Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing depends on how well the man can handle it…
    THE LOVING ARMS OF A STRANGERCarly and her husband Brett were the kind of couple you would never expect to attend a marriage counseling service with such…unorthodox methods. They had everything a young couple could want: money, cars, a beautiful home, great jobs.  They never argued and they got along fine. There was only one thing that rankled in both of them: their sex life had been lost somewhere in all the success. Carly and her husband had complete faith, though, in their ability to surmount any obstacle.  As they started their group counseling, Carly would never have believed on that fateful day that she would find the renewal of her desire for her husband in the loving arms of a stranger…
    SUMMER WITH MRS. TAYLORComing back home from his first year in college, Harris feels like he's finally grown up: he's wiser, manlier, and sexier. But he finds himself unprepared for his beautiful neighbor, Mrs. Noelle Taylor, whose experienced hand may make a man out of Harris yet.
    FORBIDDEN FANTASIESThree couples have enjoyed each other’s company since high school, and fifteen years after graduation they're still going strong. There had been little flirtations all along, but this weekend, something was different.  Would their close friendship become even closer, or would it explode into fragments when they tapped their forbidden fantasies?
    WARNING: These five stories add up to 20,603 steamy words (about 103 pages) that feature explicit scenes including couples having passionate sex, sex with strangers, swingers, exhibitionism, older women and younger men, dominant female (femdom) action, hotwife action, voyeurism, and may be too much for timid readers!
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  • Mr Jones's Personal Assistant - A Sexy Gay Alpha Male M M Erotic Short Story from Steam Books - cover

    Mr Jones's Personal Assistant -...

    Steam Books, Corey Stark

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    Desperate for a job, Ben winds up getting more than he bargained for when he's hired on to be the personal assistant to Mr. Jones, a high-ranking executive.  Mr. Jones is demanding and orders Ben around night and day, but Ben doesn't mind at all when those those orders get a little more personal. Or even a lot more personal…
    WARNING: This 4,502-word (about 23 pages) short story is a steamy read that features gay M/M dominance and submission action, blowjobs, anal sex, rimming, and may be too much for timid readers!
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