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Hungry for the Highlanders - The Highlander's Command - cover

Hungry for the Highlanders - The Highlander's Command

Chera Zade, Delaney Jane

Publisher: Chera Zade

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Brave Catherine is one of the women offered up to the lusty and rough Highlanders. They’ve taken the village, and they expect obedience in every way. When Catherine is chosen to tend to the needs of the soldiers, they show her just how they punish disobedience. Why if it’s a punishment does she want it so badly? 
Their strong, battle hardened bodies frighten and excite her, but when she misbehaves on her very first day in the fort, she discovers it isn’t just one man who wants to teach her a lesson. They’ll take her hard and fast, and show her how to behave if it takes all night. 
This searing hot, Highlander short story is for a mature audience.

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    A Weekend Visit

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    The Wordsworth Erotica Collection includes some of
    the finest Victorian and Edwardian examples of the genre.
    About this book:
    A Weekend Visit is the sequel to The Way of a Man with a Maid, also published by Wordsworth Editions.
    In it, Jack, the narrator both of this and the earlier book, is invited to stay in the country with the beautiful young widow of a deceased friend, her handsome mother Mrs Bell and Mrs Bell's lovely eighteen-year-old ward Alice.
    Together, the four amuse themselves with a degree of inventiveness befitting the characters in this saucy example of the underground tradition. Feathers, punts and other exotic paraphernalia lend spice to this well-written tale of harmless pleasure.
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    Essemoh Teepee

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    Directed Erotic Visualisation© is not an audio book, it is so much more. This unique experience puts you into the very heart of the story, allowing you to feel all the sensations for real. A beautiful sunset brings in the longest night of the year in this incredible Impossible Lovers for Women experience. There never seems to be enough time with Essemoh, but the Solstice is full of magic, and anything can happen. As the night draws on with the two of you in front of the crackling fire,  it does--over and over again! It is so good to have the longest of nights stretch out before you.
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    Want to read a Pop Erotica Comic about Sexual Astrology?
    This hilarious and insightful adult sex comic is a racy, romantic commentary on the different Sexual Styles of the Western Zodiac. Pornoscopes is Sex-Positive, LGBTQ Positive, and just plain beautiful.
    Pornoscopes: Quaternity contains 40 pages of full color explicit, sex comics: [Aries, Taurus, Gemini & Cancer]
    What's your Pornoscope?
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  • Lesbian: Bumper to Bumper - cover

    Lesbian: Bumper to Bumper

    Kathleen Hope

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    Pricilla jumped to her feet and paced about the room, silently giving herself a frantic pep talk. I am not a lesbian. I am not a lesbian. I am not a lesbian. This was only a one-time fantasy! And I've never once acted on these desires. Never! I am not a lesbian. I am not a lesbian. I am not a lesbian.Once satisfied by the pep talk, she sat, calmer, less panicked...until a knock came to the door."Yes?" she asked, leaping back to the feet....WARNING - This story has hot and steamy content and is not suitable for all ages. 18+
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  • Adventures of a Dark Duke - The Pin - cover

    Adventures of a Dark Duke - The Pin

    Russell C. Brennan

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    Adventures of a Dark Duke:The Pin is a contemporary story of a British indie pop star who lives a secret life as an adventurer.
    Looking for material for new songs and hooked on adventure, Duke sticks a pin in a map and follows it religiously for a month to have the adventure of a life time, with Florida, Cuba and Mexico making up the colourful backdrop.
    From danger with a stranger to a poignant love story, to a hidden Hollywood A-list sect, the stories and characters keep on coming and so does he, for he likes to live a very erotic lifestyle and living life on the edge is what it's all about.
    The book is like a Russian doll with stories within stories that have many twists and turns. It's full of sharply drawn characters who often have a unique way with words.
    It is often told in the first person narrative making it like virtual reality for books.
    So, if the title name conjures up a ‘Mills and Boon’ romantic royal character, sorry to disappoint - this is a novel for those who don't shy away from erotic content and like something a bit more cutting edge and contemporary.
    Rumour has it that it may also be based on a true story.
    This is the first in the ‘Adventures of a Dark Duke’ series of fiction books from author and multi platform artist Russell C. Brennan.
    Finally, it's not often you can  music from just reading a book but with this book you can. 
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  • Crusader - Impossible Book 9 - cover

    Crusader - Impossible Book 9

    Julia Sykes

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    A standalone romantic suspense novel in the USA Today Best-selling "Impossible" series
    I need redemption. I need vengeance. Dimitri Abramovich has to pay for what he did to me.
    I've tracked him to London, and I'm close to taking him out. If he doesn't take me first. We're engaged in a game of cat and mouse. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I'm the mouse.
    When my quest for revenge causes me to cross paths with sexy MI5 agent Hugh Sullivan, I have no choice but to seduce him to keep him blind to my mission. But I can't keep my operation secret forever, and he won't stand for my reckless vigilante methods. If I want to stay on the case, he demands my complete honesty...and my obedience.
    Note: While Crusader is book nine in the Impossible Series, it can be listened to as a standalone romantic suspense novel.An Insatiable Press audio production.
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