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Hedon Hordes: 11 Book Bundle - cover

Hedon Hordes: 11 Book Bundle

Chera Zade, Kinky Press, Hedon Press

Publisher: Steamy-eReads

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Offering Her Body: 
Alexia yearns for a real man. 
But will she submit? 
Seeking the strong arm of a former gladiator, Alexia will pay for services with her legs spread. And all too happily. 
Conquered by Four: 
Four Viking warriors are ready to ravage. 
But, Viking lords share the treasure of conquest with their men. To them, I'm a rare beauty, something I never was back home. He promises no matter how much I enjoy their ravishing, I'll always be his. 
Claimed by Three: 
The louder you moan, the better. 
I interrupt their warrior's ceremony, and if I want to leave my home, I need to make amends. They need to take me raw and unprotected. All of them. 
Claimed by Five: 
Five Viking warriors are ready to invade. 
The Vikings missed the ceremony, but they didn't miss the best part – the consummation. 
Her Viking Master: 
Will her spirited resolution to maintain her innocence be enough to dissuade Ragnor's unshakable determination to ravage her? Or will she fall victim to his unrelenting seduction to find passion in the arms of a barbarian, and create a love stronger than their enmity?  
Knight Ride: 
This is one night he should not have left her alone. 
After another failed yet valiant attempt at flirtation with her Lord, Flora is left behind in the stables with the new bastard. This is one Knight he should not have left her alone with. 
Claiming the Maiden: 
A maiden is no match for a Norman knight. 
Is the nebulous Williame le Mareschal just another sinister marauder like all the rest, bent on possessing her body against her volition? Or can she trust the dangerous stranger to find pleasure in his arms and discover a love to last?  
Forcing Her Ladyship: 
Fearing for her life, Rowena must fight to keep her innocence while locked in Lord Donovan's bedchamber in chains. Will her fiery determination to protect her virtue be enough to resist his unwavering pursuit to possess her mind, body, and soul – or will she succumb to his spellbinding charms and relentless seduction to find rapture in the arms of her worst enemy, and create a love to last for all time? 
Resisting the Hammer: 
Melisandra fills his knights' cups and refuses to meet The Hammer's advances. There is only one thing to do with such a willful wench. With the help of his trusted knights, The Hammer restrains his headstrong maid and takes her for all to witness — rough and unprotected. 
The Knight's Milk Maid: 
He wasn't expecting me to find the milk maid he kept locked away. One glimpse of that buxom beauty, and I was hooked. 
I needed to claim her, to take her away from her prison, and have that sweet milk all to myself. 
The King's Milk Maid 
Innocent Myra is forced to expose herself to the court in order for the king to inspect her assets. Though she's never had a man, thanks to the elixer, Myra is bursting with milk to feed Alric's naughty desires.

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