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An Unlikely Quartet - Daring Mr Darcy #3 - cover

An Unlikely Quartet - Daring Mr Darcy #3

Chera Zade, Delaney Jane, lady A

Publisher: Chera Zade

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Lizzy, Darcy, and Wickham have drawn the eye of the tawdry Lady Carrington. Their passionate display has earned them a second night of pleasure, but this time, the Lady Carrington demands an even more risqué endeavor – four lovers, including the lustful Mrs. Jenkins. 
Lizzy has never touched a woman before, but as the flirtatious Clara shows Lizzy her expert touch and fearless displays, Lizzy finds herself taken to whole new heights of pleasure. Will losing herself in the tangles of three lovers be enough to win Lady Carrington’s favor, or does the Lady of the house have even more surprises up her sleeve? 
This searing hot, Historical short story is for a mature audience.

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  • The Sessions - Dutch Capture Series Book One - cover

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    Gemma Stone

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     Katrina Van Tuyl confides in her best friend and college roommate, Meg,
     that she has some sexual issues, including the fact that she has never 
    been able to climax during intercourse, Meg recommends controversial 
    therapist Paul Ulbrecht, whom Meg has used previously.  Paul uses a 
    combination of conventional therapy and sexual surrogacy—with himself 
    serving as the surrogate.  Early in her therapy, Kat unexpectedly finds 
    herself having sex with Meg, who’s been openly bisexual since college. 
    Kat acknowledges that she’s bi as well. When Kat tells Paul, his 
    reaction surprises her. After several sessions, he suggests Kat do some 
    research into Dominance and submission. Doing as instructed, under his 
    guidance, she realizes that she’s truly submissive. She asks Paul to 
    train her in D/s and he agrees. As an experienced and imaginative Dom, 
    as well as a therapist, he draws her deeply into his world.
     the action moves from New York City to its affluent suburbs, and to an 
    exotic resort in the Caribbean, Kat finds herself falling in love with 
    Paul. Will her feelings be reciprocated, or is this a purely, if 
    unusual, professional relationship?  Just as Kat is introduced into a 
    world she never knew existed, The Sessions will draw readers into an exciting, erotic, and elegant world of Dominance and submission.
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