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David & Nathan - Return to Me Be My One And Only - cover

David & Nathan - Return to Me Be My One And Only

Charlie Sweeters

Publisher: Charlie Sweeters

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A pair of male lovers get reacquainted with each other after one suffers serious injury in an accident attributed to a drunk driver. These gentlemen don’t waste words from the outset of Return to Me, Be My One And Only, a NSFW erotic short story for your reading pleasure.
Join David and Nathan when they reunite after some time apart. From the New York JFK airport reunion to the bedroom banter, the attraction between the individuals is undeniable as their activities are described in lurid and verbose detail.
The story involves two simple characters: David recovering from back surgery made necessary by his encounter with a drunk driver, Nathan waiting less-than-patiently for his lover’s return after an excruciating time apart. Readers are led on a breathtaking story of arousal and “male bonding” as gratuitous physical exertions are interspersed with vocalized statements of affection for each other. The only thing readers are left to imagine is what this pair does for entertainment (or employment) when they are not occupying the bedroom.
The story leaves readers unconcerned about the past or the future as they are helplessly entranced as voyeurs of the present. Whether the boys are concerned with objectification and the simple pleasures of enjoying each other or whether the reunion is going to give way to relationship issues and other mundane experiences is yet to be determined. Excitement, affection, and vulnerability promise readers that every next page in this short story will be better than the last.
Return to Me, Be My One And Only is a steamy NSFW short story certain to satisfy readers’ needs for a guilty pleasure.

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    Cassie stands at the counter and stares at the burly biker in front of her, certain that she is making the worse decision in her life. The incredibly sexy man is offering her a significant amount of money in exchange for something that she has never even dreamed of doing: 
    Surrender to five alpha males. 
    They don't know how inexperienced she is, nor do they care. Every logical cell in her brain is telling her to turn tail and run, but she stares down the man twice her size and shakes his hand. 
    "We have a deal." 
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