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Christmas Stories and Fairy Tales for Children - World’s Best Collection - 30+ Stories to delight & amuse Incl 'Scrooge (A Christmas Carol)' and 'The Night Before Christmas' - cover

Christmas Stories and Fairy Tales for Children - World’s Best Collection - 30+ Stories to delight & amuse Incl 'Scrooge (A Christmas Carol)' and 'The Night Before Christmas'

Charles Dickens, John Kendrick Bangs, S. Weir Mitchell, Thomas Nelson Page, O Henry, Abbie Farwell Brown, Frank L. Baum

Publisher: Imagination Books

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Christmas Stories World's Best Collection

Think about your love for wonderful and beautiful Christmas stories..Think about how you love to share stories and fairy tales with your children…Think about the excitement both you and they feel when sharing wonderful stories together…

Do you want a collection of amazing, beautifully told Christmas stories and fairy tales? From some the most celebrated writers of all time?

The ‘Must-Have’ Collection - A Huge Collection

In this wonderful collection you get over 30 fantastic Christmas stories, including family favorites, holiday classics and delightful gems from celebrated writers. To delight and surprise both you and your children, for you to share together and become closer together, as a family.

Included Stories:

The Night Before Christmas - The classic rhyming story of the visit from Santa Clause by Clement Moore. It included the oft overlooked The Night After Christmas


The Gift Of The Magi - A touching and charming story from the famous writer O. Henry


A Christmas Carol (Scrooge) - The Classic tale from Charles Dickens


Charles Dickens Christmas Stories - A collection of 5 other Christmas stories from Charles Dickens, creator of one of the world’s most well-known Christmas stories, ‘A Christmas Carol’. The stories include, amongst others:

The Christmas Princess

The Christmas Goblins

The Song Of The Star

The Legend Of The Christmas Tree

A Western Christmas In The Old Days

What Christmas Is As We Grow Older


The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus - A series of whimsical adventures about Santa Clause and how he came to be, and the fantastic adventures he had, all from the creator of The Wizard Of Oz, L. Frank Baum. Some of the stories include:

The Child Of The Forest

Claus Discovers Humanity

Claus Leaves The Forest

The Laughing Valley

How Claus Made The First Toy

The First Journey With The Reindee

When The World Grew Old

The Deputies Of Santa Claus

A Kidnapped Santa Clause


Other Stories In This Collection Include:

The Christmas Angel

The Child Who Had Everything But-

The House Of The Seven Santas

Mr. Kris Kringle. A Christmas Tale.

Sanat Claus’s Partner


Your New Connection With Your Children

Imagine yourself jumping to any section and being able to read the wonderful and whimsical stories to your children… Imagine how you will feel about your children and how close you will all become as a family…

Get This Collection Right Now

This is the best Christmas Stories collection you can get, so get it now and start enjoying and being delighted and mesmerized by the words inside like never before!

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