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The Yellow Weed - How to Recognize and Embrace the Process Before the Blessings - cover

The Yellow Weed - How to Recognize and Embrace the Process Before the Blessings

Char Newell

Publisher: Char Newell

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The Yellow Weed divulges how to recognize and embrace the HIDDEN BLESSINGS in UNEXPECTED OBSTACLES. It is the ULTIMATE playbook for life! This motivating transformational self help guide helps you identify the three important stages that come before the blessings: learning, developing, and testing. Additionally, this book gives you clues on how to recognize which stage of life you are currently in and how to navigate through those waters via the “weed” metaphor.
The “weed” represents the mysterious things that happens in your life that are unexplainable. It can be viewed internally as an unplanned surprise in life that has either caused you pain or brought you joy. It’s very important to connect the mysteries of life back to God, because everything that grows within you was not planted by you. The yellow weed teaches you how strengthening your spiritual connection is key to how you react, learn and grow from all the unplanned weeds in life!
The author Char Newell uses a clever but simple story to show you how to recognize and understand the process before the blessings, as well as how to look for the lessons in your painful experiences that were meant to be tools that you’d need along your journey. Explore a way to help you succeed at life that consists of not giving up and accepting life as it comes, The Yellow Weed.

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