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Beekeeping: Valuable Things to Know When Producing Honey and Keeping Bees - cover

Beekeeping: Valuable Things to Know When Producing Honey and Keeping Bees

Celine Walker

Publisher: Celine Walker

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Valuable Things to Know When Producing Honey and Keeping Bees 
This book contains advanced knowledge about bees, tips on beekeeping, and strategies to manage colonies for optimal honey production. It can help anyone, from the beginner to the experienced apiculturist, and is intended to be a fun, short read that's bursting with juicy tidbits that can turn any apiary into a healthy, thriving, more successful one. 
I'll start by sharing some interesting background about the special relationship between humans and bees before laying out the growth and health strategies I use to maintain several dozen buzzing, healthy colonies at any one time. As many beekeepers can attest, learning the tricks of the trade is a process of discovery. Along the way, little secrets and tips—usually from other apiculturists—come together to form a bigger picture of the complex goings-on inside the hive. 
In this text I'll share some of the best tidbits I've learned about beekeeping over the years 
Within this book's pages, you'll find the answers to these questions and more. Just some of the questions and topics covered include 
- There's More to Bees than Honey 
- Managing a Colony for Optimal Honey Production 
- Optimal Colony Population 
- Moving Bees 
- Requeening 
- Splitting the Colony 
- Keeping Your Bees Healthy and Safe 
- Basic Health Check 
- Problems and Solutions 
- And more! 
Get the book now to learn more about Beekeeping!

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    In this book, I show how to make all natural and organic soaps the right way from the very first try. I also share how you can have a mini home based business from this beautiful new found hobby of yours. 
    Here is What You Will Learn.History of SoapsWhen Soap isn't a SoapTypes of SoapsNatural vs. Organic SoapsHow to Identify Organic SoapsMelt and Pour Soap Making ProcessCold Process Soap Making ProcessThe Hot Process MethodThe Re-Batch MethodDetail List of Equipment You Will NeedSoap Making Ingredients You Will NeedHow and Where to Find SuppliesHow to Add Designer Fragrance on a BudgetHow to Add Scent to SoapWhat Essential Oils are Good for Soap MakingHow to Add Vibrant Color to Your SoapUnderstanding the Color Basics & Color WheelHow to Use Color Wheel to Create New & Vibrant ColorsSoap Making RecipesHow to Start a Soap Making BusinessHow to Develop and Test Your ProductsHow to Come up with the Right PricingHow to Wholesale your ProductsHow to Make it all ProfitableHow to Find Customers and SalesThe FDA Requirements on Soap LabelsMarketing & SalesIn Appendix, I also Shared a Full Saponification Chart 
    Enjoy your new found hobby!
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