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The Mysterious Adventures of Becca Carlisle - Blood & Steam #2 - cover

The Mysterious Adventures of Becca Carlisle - Blood & Steam #2

Cate Morgan

Publisher: Speculative Ink

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Becca's missing brother Archie has been found. And it seems her father, presumed lost at sea in the Straits of Gibraltar, may not be quite as dead as all that after all. 
So one might be tempted think everything would be coming up Carlisle. Instead, the Baron Bloody Lindsey is at it again, this time with the assistance of his much craftier sister. 
Now it's up to Becca, the dashing and brilliant lawyer Jonathan Avery, and the intrepid members of the Ladies' Adventurers Club to save Archie from the hangman's noose on charges of mutiny and treason. 

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