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Night Shift - cover

Night Shift

Carey Decevito

Publisher: Emberlust Press

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A serial killer… 
A past that haunts no matter how much the distance… 
Which one will strike first? 
Eighteen deaths over eight years has left Shane Peters itching to find his mark. The death that started it all ensured his obsession with the murderer who had turned his life into a living hell, leaving him to raise a newborn daughter on his own. 
Starting over wasn’t the easiest thing, but Emberlyn Roth had managed by shear grit and the skin of her teeth. It’s too bad one can’t outrun their past. 
A protector of the wronged, Shane is torn between his duty as a detective for the Jacksonville PD and a quest to find himself some peace. Red tape binds his capabilities and moonlighting as an investigator for Nightshade Securities has him feeling stretched thin. Late nights on the streets and his sense of duty keeps him from being the father he wants to be. Throw onto his already rickety house of cards, an attraction to the mysterious Emberlyn, the lead he’s got on the murderer he’s been hunting for nearly a decade, and threats his woman is receiving by an unsavory character from her past, and he’s seriously tempted to take Dalton Kipper’s offer to join his team in a permanent basis. 
Rules have a place, but when you’re faced with losing the one that means most to you, lines can become blurred. With the fate of his family’s future hanging in the balance, he’s ready to risk it all

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    Since the first day we met she's had my heart, and now she says that I must go. But I can't. She's a part of me now, and I won't give her up so easily. I will brave the fires of hell if I must, tear out my own eyes lest never lay them upon her again.
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    While in college and away from home, handsome 18-year old Jason MacDonald should be fucking his brains out. But he just doesn’t have the kind of cock that can satisfy a woman. As a matter of fact, the woman he’s in love with has nicknamed it a “penisette!”
    But what Jason doesn’t have “down there” he has in spades elsewhere: a tongue that a girl can just die for…
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    Then Rachel has an idea. Jason definitely has all the qualities to become a great cuckold…
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    Jake is an athlete that finds himself lingering in the arena after a loss in the tournament. It isn’t the loss that keeps him there, but a promise made half-heartedly lingers in his mind. When he finds his friend and rival has also stayed behind long after the big game and they are utterly alone together in the locker room, are all bets off?
    	This short story is 3,155 words long and contains scenes intended for a mature audience.
    	"Oh. Uh. You know, man. I was just thinking. Winding down after a game like that is hard sometimes, you know?" Jake could feel an embarrassed flush begin to creep across his face. There was a knowing gleam in Tony's dark eyes, an expression Jake wasn't quite sure he liked.
    	"Thinking about something like a bet you made?" Tony asked, his brows knitting.
    	"I don't know, man. Like what?" Jake was doing his best to school his face into an expression of ignorance or curiosity. It was difficult, with Tony trying to loom over him that way. Jake widened his eyes slightly.
    	"Cut the crap. You know which bet." Tony was reaching up, suddenly, his fingers grasping a handful of Jake's wavy hair, pulling it so that the slightly shorter athlete's head was tilted back. Jake let out a sharp, short gasp as at rough grasp. A strange little spear of heat thundered through him.
    	"You think I didn't notice how you said it? Damn, man. I bet you couldn't wait to lose to me." Tony continued, even as he forced Jake to sit down on the bench, his rough fingers refusing to leave the other man's hair. "So now you're gonna get it."
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  • Remembered Desires - cover

    Remembered Desires

    E.r.o. Scott

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    My daughter wants to go down on me; to lick and suck and “eat” my pussy! she realized. Carrie was almost in a state of shock over what she and her daughter intended to do. So taboo! So condemned by regular society! But, yes, she wanted it to happen, wrong or not. She was so excited she felt lightheaded. Oh yes! She was so ready to feel Caitlin’s mouth on her pussy and all the pleasure to follow.
    Oh yes! Mom was so ready to feel her daughter’s mouth on her pussy and all the pleasure that would follow, and later to do the same for her daughter.
    “And did you, uh, did you enjoy it, baby, making love to a woman?” Her mother's question refocused Caitlin's mind.
    “Uh-huh. Still am. She's my present roommate at college.”
    “I see,” her mother answered while giving Caitlin an appraising look.
    “And you, Mom? Have you ever… you know, made love to a woman?” With that, Caitlin held her breath.
    “Well… to tell the truth, Caitlin, yes, I have.” She hurried on to explain. “It, too, was while I was in college. It, uh, well it lasted two years.”
    Caitlin saw her mother's nipples become erect under the sheer fabric of the nightie. She also saw a sexual blush appear on her mother's neck and upper chest.
    “Two years? Then I guess it's safe to assume that you enjoyed it… making love to a woman?”
    Carrie swallowed dryly then took a slightly shuddering breath. She nodded. “Yes, dear, I enjoyed it very much. I just haven't thought about it for years. Well… not too much, anyway.” Carrie gave her daughter a small smile. “And, Caitlin, I just want to say, looking at you all fresh out of the shower, well, you, too, look good enough to eat.”
    Carrie's body was tingling with anticipation. Why was she coming on to her daughter? Hell, why was her daughter coming on to her? Maybe because they both liked sex… a lot. At least she assumed Caitlin did. And maybe because they were both bi-sexual… or….
    “Are you a lesbian, Caitlin?” Carrie asked curiously.
    Caitlin gave a little chuckle. “No, to the disappointment of my lesbian lover. She calls me a 'dedicated bi-sexual.' Yeah. I still like…” she paused, “fucking boys as much as I do fucking girls.”
    Caitlin's body was trembling now, with anticipation. Was something going to happen, or not?
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  • Bathing Babes - cover

    Bathing Babes

    Kasak Maska

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    Sex is a magical event that happens in everybody's life. Some people get that chance at very young age and the rest at other appropriate time of their respective ages. But for people who are always in search of beauty and know where and when to look for, makes sex their pastime activity. 
    This sexy caption with mind-blowing images ebook shows you the heavenly side of life that you always want to enjoy. Open the book and explore each image and read the sexual caption that sets your mind for that LONG RIDE of your beautiful girl.
    Why late? Come the book...follow the images...get the MOOOOOODDDD...prove to your girl that your are that MAN....and make her feel that AAAHHH...experience...!
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  • Sports Star Romance: Falling For My Best Friend (3 Book Boxed Set) - cover

    Sports Star Romance: Falling For...

    Marisa Michaels

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    ***Sexual Content - Sports Star Romance: Falling For My Best Friend, a sports erotic romance, is for adults over age 18 only***
    Trevor Larrson is a professional football player who plays hard and parties hard. He can have any woman he wants but he leaves the field and drowns in sorrow as his heart tries to heal from an unrequited romance. One night stands only make him sadder.
    His best friend broke his heart when she rejected him. The pain consumed him until he met her best friend, Kelly. Kelly tries to comfort him while keeping her distance as she doesn't want her best friend's sloppy seconds. Besides, she changes boyfriends like she changes her underwear. A week or two, and they're gone. Unexpectedly, she finds herself falling for Trevor, but she knows she can't have him. You don't fall for your best friend's ex.
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