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Erotic Collection 20 - cover

Erotic Collection 20

C J Edwards

Publisher: Erotic Dreams

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Another 6 red hot erotica stories!  31,000 words!
 Horny women, BDSM, Sugar Babies, Cuckold and much more...!
Erotic author C J Edwards hits the right mark again! 

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    "I do what naughty girls do. But I am not a naughty girl. Not usually. Girls always would say bad boys do it better, but I used to think they were full of it. Dirty filthy boys aren't my thing but Trey is different. I don't know what I am going to do. I day dream about him constantly." 
    Summer loses herself in a forbidden affair with gorgeous alpha hunk and it threatens to destroy her comfortable safe live.  
    She was a young woman from the poor side of town with a dark past. She gave up on her dreams too young, but chance reunited her with the gorgeous stud she briefly met years earlier. He was a wild and strong. A billionaire untamed. 
    Against her better judgment, she finally succumbs to her desires letting her taboo lust spiral quickly out of her control. 
    This is the best of today's hottest erotic romances from Sylvia Day and EL James. Where Summer O'dette, a girl from the  trailer parks, takes you on a journey into the world of a gorgeous alpha male billionaire. An older man, younger woman romance.  
    "My Husband's Boss" is a hot page-turner that explores the life of a woman in love with a forbidden, alpha male billionaire. 
    Here it is. One of the most talked about young adult romance novels of 2017.  
    "My Husband's Boss" is a hot and highly erotic romance with mature situations.
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    Hot Housewife

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    Despite the horror of having been with a man other than my husband, I became convinced I was on the right track. Obviously the battle against obscenity was one that had to be fought and won.
    If this filth could do what it did to a morally upright person such as myself, then think of the damage exposure to it could cause those who were far more impressionable than I.
    This smut had to be wiped out ... and now! There was no time to waste if we were going to save our young people!
    I decided I would go see my minister to enlist his aid in the fight. Pornography was a deadly enough foe so that I needed every ounce of strength I could manage on my side.
    This ebook contains explicit and forbidden descriptions of taboo sexual activity. It may include themes or elements of taboo, forbidden, and adult topics. It is intended for open minded mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.
    XXX Adults Only 18+ Graphic Content
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  • Fucking My Son in His Cell : Sinful Mothers 8 (Mommy Son Erotica MILF Erotica Family Sex Erotica First Time Erotica Virgin Erotica Breeding Erotica Taboo Erotica Incest Erotica Age Gap Erotica) - cover

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    Taboo Inc.

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    Kind of embarrassing when you get told your son has wound up in jail for the night and you’re the local Sherriff.  I ask my men to give us some time alone while I talk some sense into him, but with my uniform on I can’t help but feel this power over him.  The encounter turns very steamy indeed but my inexperienced son clearly needs some guidance.  He gets all that a more when I sit my pussy on his face and jerk his stiff, virginal cock.  Read how I make him come inside me and claim his precious virginity.
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    “My darling boy,” I said, kissing him.  “My prisoner.”
    I gripped the sheet and slid it down his body, moving it below his waist and listening to his soft whimpers as his tight boxer-briefs were bared to me.  They were pure and white, raised by his powerful cock that sat beneath, looking dangerous and big.
    My hands traced down his body, from his soft face and down the light hair on his chest, across his flat stomach and to his toned waist.
    The bed shook suddenly as he pulled at his restraints, letting out a growl and looking down his body at where my hand was.
    “You don’t get off that easy,” I said, sliding a little way down inside his boxer-shorts.
    He pushed his waist off the bed and I slid my hand back out, staring at the thick cylinder that awaited me beneath.
    I moved my face close to his and put my mouth beside his ear.
    “I’m going to suck you cock now, Brandon,” I said.  “And then you’re going to eat my pussy.”
    He said nothing and when I looked at his eyes his pupils were fat with lust.  I smiled at him and saw the slightest of smiles back, breaching the corners of his mouth before he caught it and quashed it.
    I curled my nails under the waist of his boxer shorts and began to drag them down, watching him squirm and his body shake as I watched those muscles at his sides cut in towards his groin.
    The hair became more plentiful as his boxer-shorts dropped and I could see them stretching his cock down between his legs as I dragged them down.
    I kept moving slowly, looking at the close-cut hair sitting just above the base of his cock that was now visible.
    I licked my lips at how thick it was and then marveled as more and more of it was revealed until the waist of his briefs shot off the end and caused it to slap back against his stomach.
    The noise sounded thick and loud, echoing off his flat, muscled stomach.  I gasped and froze as I looked at it.
    There was something so smooth and innocent about it, even though it was thick and hard.  It was the most delicious-looking dick I’d ever laid eyes on.  It had never been used and somehow that seemed obvious as I looked at it.
    “Brandon!” I exclaimed, raising an eyebrow and looking at him.
    Suddenly his terrified expression gave way to a glimmer of pride as he stared down his body and looked at his cock that lay across his navel.
    His balls were loose and stretching from the hilt and even they looked delicious.  I pulled at his boxer-shorts and tugged them off his ankles, leaving Brandon to open his legs and show me the full majesty of that forbidden flesh.
    “That’s a nice cock,” I said, and I crouched besides the bed and stared closely at it.
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  • The Domination Game - cover

    The Domination Game

    A. G. Lewis

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    What lies within the darkest parts of Lucy's mind? What sordid, dirty and depraved acts will bring her to her wildest ecstasy? The beautiful young redhead is about to find out.
    The Domination Game is the worst, most sinful entertainment the modern world has ever seen, and when Lucy and Isabelle find themselves in the show's live audience, the young woman is offered the chance to become a contestant. She has previously called the show disgusting and crazy, so why does she accept the challenge? How far will she go, as everyone watches?
    Contains graphic description of hardcore sex and BDSM. Adults only!!!
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  • Naughty Nina - Revenge of the Hot Wife #2 - cover

    Naughty Nina - Revenge of the...

    Laci Mitchell

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    When the seven year itch becomes an ache. 
    Martin thinks he has the world by the tail. A successful business with political ambitions that are starting to bear fruit, and a happy marriage to his gorgeous wife, Nina. Everything is perfect and can only get stronger now that they are heading into their seventh year. But all that changes when his wife discovers video footage of the one slip up he made since he put his ring on her finger and said I do. 
    Nina is devastated when she discovers video footage of her husband having sex with another woman while he was away on a boys' weekend a few weeks before. Not only was he cheating on her with a stranger, he was doing things to this woman that he had never done with Nina. She is determined to make Martin pay if he wants to stay married to her. 
    Now Martin has to decide if he is going to let the marriage that is crucial to not only his political ambitions, but also to his emotional well being, dissolve or if he is going to save it by watching Nina recreate the devastating video with another man.
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  • Postman Sees Michael In Boxers - cover

    Postman Sees Michael In Boxers

    Robbie Webb

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    18-year-old Michael answers the door to the postman wearing just his boxers. The postman proper checks him out, making the boy feel proper horny. All characters and terms including 'boy' 'lad' and 'girl' refer to people age 18 and over. This book contains explicit sexual material and is for adults only.
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