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How to Analyze People with Dark Psychology - Secret Techniques Used by FBI Agents for Speed Reading People and Analyzing Body Language How to Avoid Mental Manipulation Using Emotional Intelligence - cover

How to Analyze People with Dark Psychology - Secret Techniques Used by FBI Agents for Speed Reading People and Analyzing Body Language How to Avoid Mental Manipulation Using Emotional Intelligence

Brian Rackam

Publisher: Publishdrive

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Struggling to wonder what your friends, co-workers, or random people you just met think of you?
Would you like to have full control over your own actions and only do things that you truly want?
What about a skill that would allow you to influence others and hear “Yes” more often?
If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, please read on…
I think you have already seen or at least heard about the power of dark psychology and manipulation. In other words, it’s the ability to convince others to do whatever you want whenever you want. Sounds pretty amazing, right? And I can teach you exactly how to master this powerful skill!
And on top of that, I will teach how to protect your mind from others as well, so manipulators with evil intent can’t convince you to do or think whatever they want.
Notice, the skills you are about to learn, can’t be used for evil, so please stop reading now if you still doubt your intentions.
Good, you are still here! I am about to share with you some of the most powerful psychology tactics and strategies throughout this 8 Books in 1 Series.
Here are just a few things you’ll discover inside:
What is Dark Psychology and how to protect yourself from “bad influence”
12 signs that you have narcissist and toxic people in your life – understand “who is who”
The power of Reverse Psychology – 3-step formula to use it the right way
The secrets to People-Reading – the key to understanding others without words
How to Recognize Manipulators – why and how people manipulate others?
6 categories of influence methods – how to make persuasion work every time you apply it?
A step-by-step guide to reading People “from head to toes”
8 more advanced NLP training strategies that’ll help you implement it more into your daily life
And this is just a small fraction of what you’re going to learn from this fascinating book bundle!
And you don’t need to be a master psychologist to understand the simple but super-powerful techniques inside this book - not even close! This book will take you by the hand and lead through every single step!
Feeling excited?
Don’t wait, scroll up, click on “Buy Now” and Become a Master of Human Mind and Actions!

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