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The Fires of Paradise - cover

The Fires of Paradise

Brenda Joyce

Publisher: HarperCollins e-books

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The Scorching Saga of the Braggs Continues . . . 
Heiress to the magnificent Bragg empire, lovely, headstrong socialite Lucy Bragg lives a life that flies in the face of convention. Dark and rugged half-breed Shozkay Savage lives an outlaw's life on the edge. These two people inhabit different worlds--hers, opulent and privileged; his, dangerous and wild. But on the vast and sweeping plains of Texas, their worlds collide . . .  
Abducted and held for ransom, Lucy despises Shoz for his arrogance . . . yet is drawn to the strapping fugitive by a bold, unquenchable desire. Sworn to escape him but betrayed by her own reckless passion, she will follow Shoz from the unforgiving wastland of Death Valley to the tropical heat of revolution-swept Cuba--braving scandal and heartbreak, risking life itself for an untamed and blistering love as perilous as it is forbidden.

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     Romance. Newly-divorced Jessica decides to make some much needed money 
    by pursuing her lifelong passion for writing—with a series of erotic 
    novels about the men from her past. The journey through her memories 
    turns out to be more than she expected. Reliving past encounters, from 
    an intense bondage session on the beach to a backstage liaison at an 
    exclusive music venue, stirs a new awareness of what she’s left 
    behind…and never had.
     combination of curiosity and longing drives her to reconnect with three
     very different men from her past, each arousing and tempting in his own
     way. As Jessica learns more about herself and what she truly wants than
     she ever anticipated, one man takes center stage on the page and in her
     heart. As she revisits her edgiest and most adventurous sexual 
    encounters on paper and off, she finds herself increasingly dwelling on a
     different kind of abandon.
     was her first love, the one she expected to spend her life with. A 
    reckless college mistake ended their relationship nearly twenty years 
    ago, but he’s always held a piece of her heart. Their reunion is sweeter
     than she could have imagined, carrying her back to the days when she 
    believed they’d be together forever. But, just when she dares to hope 
    that the love they left behind in their youth can be reclaimed, Larry 
    makes a troubling discovery that threatens to tear them apart once 
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    Mia loved her job. Writing an advice column for sexually troubled people was a task she was perfectly suited for. She had a therapy degree and an uncanny ability to place herself in other’s people’s shoes. Every day, her inbox greeted her with a new challenge.Monday morning was no exception. Mia read the email seconds after dragging herself out of bed. She hadn’t had her coffee yet, but the email’s explosive content jolted her wide awake.Dear Mia,After years of marriage, my husband and I had become accustomed to wild, passionate sex night after night - sometimes up to three or four times a day.Taking a break from the email, Mia fanned herself. "Three or four times a day?" she shouted. "Whew!"But lately things have changed. His hours at work have picked up, leaving him exhausted when he comes home at night. To put it bluntly, I want more. I’d love to return to the days of endless lovemaking between the two of us, the days where he would spend hours tickling my body with gentle strokes and licks until I simply couldn’t take it anymore.Mia leaned back in her chair easing her legs apart slowly. It was a challenge to keep her mind from drifting, but she somehow kept reading.The problem is I’m too shy to demand what I want from him. I usually just accept his neglect in silence, hoping that someday he’ll change. But he never does. If I’m lucky, we have sex once a week, and even then it’s not very good. I want him to take his time and explore every area of my body. I want his lips, his tongue, his teeth savoring me all over, but he usually just wants to get it over with and to get back to sleep. Like I said, I’m shy, so I’m not so good at telling him what I want. Can you help me, Mia?Unsatisfied Frida.Catching her breath, Mia considered...An Author's Republic audio production.
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    ***An alpha dragon shifter and a curvaceous undercover officer to tame him.******An Exhilarating Two Part Series...***Deep in the heart of Los Angeles, a clan of dragon shifters has taken over a city as the local mafia, terrorizing the city and creating a huge drug problem. On her first undercover mission, a curvaceous rookie for the FBI is sent in with one mission...to seduce the clan leader, become his mate, and convince him to move the clan elsewhere. If her cover is blown, then she's dead meat, but if she can't seduce him and become his mate, the city will never be the same again. Of course, she doesn't know the first thing about seducing a man, let alone a dragon shifter, but with her life on the line, she's going to have to become a fast learner or die trying.This Box Set includes:Part One: Flirting with DangerPart Two: Undercover Seduction***Are you ready for something a little more alpha than you're used to?******Don't be shy...Download your copy today!***
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  • Erotic Fantasies - cover

    Erotic Fantasies

    Charles Sub

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    Iris and I began sharing our fantasies when we were too young to be embarrassed about them. We met when we were twelve and began playing adolescent sex games by the time we were eighteen. Fantasy became part of those games right from the start. 
    One day, while kissing and necking in the park, Iris whispered, "We're being held prisoner, and the people who captured us are watching." 
    I added, "They'll let us go, but only if they like what they see us doing." 
    For the rest of the afternoon, we weren't just petting; we were performing for an imaginary audience. 
    That was in 1957. Four years later, we ran off to get married. We've been together for more than twenty-seven years since then and are still enriching our relationship with shared fantasies. These whispered daydreams of ours have made it possible for us to experience every possible erotic delight without risking our health, our safety, or the emotional stability of our marriage. 
    Although we have an extensive repertoire of erotic fantasies, we still replay that first one from time to time while making love. It's more complex now, of course. We've embellished and elaborated on it over the years. Like us, it has become more sophisticated. We know who our imaginary captors are, and we know what they look like. We know what sexual acts they want to watch, and we know how to please them so that they'll set us free. Sometimes our fantasy-jailers even get into bed with us.....
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