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Fantastic Stories Presents The Vampire Super Pack - Over 225000 words of startling Vampire fiction by writers such as Bram Stoker F Marion Crawford Steve Rasnic Tem Robert E Howard Jay O'Connell John William Polidori and many many more! - cover

Fantastic Stories Presents The Vampire Super Pack - Over 225000 words of startling Vampire fiction by writers such as Bram Stoker F Marion Crawford Steve Rasnic Tem Robert E Howard Jay O'Connell John William Polidori and many many more!

Bram Stoker, Lord Byron, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, E. F. Benson, F. Marion Crawford, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert E. Howard, Théophile Gautier, Darrell Schweitzer, Marilyn Mattie Brahen, Steve Rasnic Tem, Warren Lapine, Linda Tiernan Kepner, Hume Nisbet, John William Polidori, Jay O’Connell, Gerri Leen, Victoria Glad, Lillian Csernica, Melanie Tem, Jan Neruda, Mary E. Braddon, J. A. Campbell, Lloyd Arthur Eshbach, Darin Kennedy, Alice Askew, Claude Askew, F. G. Loring, Count Stenbock Stanislaus Eric, Augustus Hare, T. F. Ridgwell, Alledria Hurt, Eric Stenbock, Joann Verostko, Alexandra Elizabeth Honigsberg, Stephen Woodworth, Jr. Charles S. Ramsburg, Stephen Antczak

Publisher: Positronic Publishing

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Vampires have fascinated mankind for centuries. These creatures of the night enthrall us, terrify us, and seduce us. The Vampire Super Pack brings together 42 vampires stories spanning almost 200 years. With over 225,000 words of fascinating fiction this is the Vampire anthology you’ve been waiting for. Included herein are:
•	‘Lipstick on a Business Card’ by Alledria Hurt
•	‘The Vampyre’ by John William Polidori
•	‘Saving Grace’ by Lillian Csernica
•	‘For the Blood is the Life’ by F. Marion Crawford
•	‘The Life’ by J. A. Campbell
•	‘The Burial’ by Lord Byron
•	‘Cold Hands, Warm Heart’ by Darin Kennedy
•	‘The Room in the Tower’ by E. F. Benson
•	‘Foraged’ by Joann Verostko
•	‘Aylmer Vance and the Vampire’ by Alice and Claude Askew
•	‘Empty Morning’ by Melanie Tem & Steve Rasnic Tem
•	‘The Tomb of Sarah’ by F. G. Loring
•	‘Soliloquy’ by Alexandra Elizabeth Honigsberg
•	‘The Vampire Maid’ by Hume Nisbet
•	‘The Vamp-Pyre,’ by John William Polidori’ by Stephen Woodworth
•	‘The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire’ by Arthur Conan Doyle
•	‘Sense of Blood’ by Gerri Leen
•	‘Mrs. Amworth’ by E. F. Benson
•	‘The Becoming’ by Charles S. Ramsburg, Jr.
•	‘The Sad Story of a Vampire’ by Stanislaus Eric, Count Stenbock
•	‘Manhattan Vs. Brooklyn’ by Linda Tiernan Kepner
•	‘The Hills of the Dead’ by Robert E. Howard
•	‘Virtual Day’ by Stephen Antczak
•	‘Good Lady Ducayne’ by Mary E. Braddon
•	‘Kvetchula’ by Darrell Schweitzer
•	‘Dracula’s Guest’ by Bram Stoker
•	‘Kvetchula’s Daughter’ by Darrell Schweitzer
•	‘Each Man Kills’ by Victoria Glad
•	‘The Greater Thirst’ by Marilyn Mattie Brahen
•	‘Isle of the Undead’ by Lloyd Arthur Eshbach
•	‘Custody’ by Jay O’Connell
•	‘The Vampire’ by Jan Neruda
•	‘Feeding the Mouth that Bites Us’ by L. Jagi Lamplighter
•	‘The Vampire of Croglin Grange’ by Augustus Hare
•	‘The Hunger’ by Warren Lapine
•	‘Told in a First-Class Smoker: A Modern Vampire’ by T. F. Ridgwell
•	‘Vintage Domestic’ by Steve Rasnic Tem
•	‘Carmilla’ by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
•	‘My Angel Of Darkness’ by Jamie Wild
•	‘Clarimonde’ by Théophile Gautier
•	‘The True Story of A Vampire’ by Eric Stenbock
•	‘Mona Lisa’ by Warren Lapine

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    A Wanderer's Safe Haven is the first in the Summer Flame Series. A sexy billionaire international romance that promises a story along with plenty of love making!
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