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Life's a Pooch - Quotes about Dogs by People Who Love Them - cover

Life's a Pooch - Quotes about Dogs by People Who Love Them

Boze Hadleigh

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

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Life’s a Pooch is, pardon the expression, catnip for dog lovers. Its five riveting chapters comprise hundreds of celebrity quotes and anecdotes about everyone’s best friend. By turns funny, touching, surprising, and informative, it embraces every aspect of the human-dog bond and explores our furry companions’ sometimes baffling world and celebrates their impact on ours. Those quoted range from animal superheroes Betty White and Doris Day to Leonardos da Vinci and DiCaprio to dog trainers, Lassie costars, singers and actors, presidents, Walt Disney, and Martha Stewart--to name a few!Did you know that . . .  Comparing canines with people, Marilyn Monroe once said, “A dog will never tell you to shut up”?  Aldous Huxley explained the pooch’s popularity: “To his dog, every man is Napoleon,” while President Harry Truman advised, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog”?                                                    For Renee Zellweger, “Finding exactly the right dog is a lot like falling in love”?  Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz felt, “Happiness is a warm puppy”?  And singer Adele is happy to be “my dog’s best friend”?     Poignant, silly, and heart-warming, Life's a Pooch is a must-have for every dog lover!

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    Alternative therapies for weight loss are no longer exclusive to those who live in cosmopolitan areas. There has now been an emergence of therapists who have opened offices across the country, ready to offer their services. Even small towns have alternative therapists who can help you take approaches to your diet and overall health that you will not get from a fad diet or doctor. It is also possible to find herbal treatments in health food shops, as well as online.
    Meditation for weight loss is ideal for those who are willing to take a patient approach to losing weight. As meditating is an art that comes with practice, it is better to move slowly rather than rushing the process and expecting miracles. As meditation focuses on building your self image, you need to assess why you eat and when you eat. If you are someone who tends to eat when you feel stressed or when you wish to cope with extreme emotions, meditation is likely to be ideal for you. If you are someone who eats on a constant basis, you may want to consider slightly more invasive therapies, such as acupuncture or herbal remedies.
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    If meditation appeals to you, but you feel that a speedier approach is needed, hypnosis is another option you might wish to consider. Hypnosis for weight loss is a therapy that has been endorsed by many celebrities, including famous singer Lily Allen, who claims to have gone from a size eight to a size four. After her astounding weight loss success, Lily spoke out about how she felt following hypnotherapy, stating "After the hypnotism, I want to go to the gym every day, otherwise I feel really bad." Hypnosis works on reprogramming the brain, encouraging you to naturally adopt eating and exercise habits that will make you lose weight...
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  • Dealing With Impotence Naturally - cover

    Dealing With Impotence Naturally

    Tiziana M.

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    Whether we like it or not, for many men it gets increasingly difficult to
    perform sexually as the years advance.
    While every individual is different, for a significant percentage of the
    male of the species, impotency can become an ever worsening problem
    as the years roll by, although because it is a condition that can be
    caused by a wide range of medical problems, it is actually a condition
    that can strike any man at any age.
    There are sound scientific reasons why this condition afflicts so many
    men, and we will consider these reasons in the early part of the book.
    Over the past few years, many new drugs have come onto the market
    to counter impotency, and there is no doubt that many of these drugs
    are effective for a significant proportion of men who suffer from the
    The downside of these preparations is that they are chemically based,
    because it is well known that pharmaceutical chemicals almost always
    have side-effects, some of which can be nothing more than unpleasant,
    while others can be downright dangerous.
    For the purposes of presenting as complete and comprehensive picture
    as possible, we will also consider some of the more popular
    pharmaceutical impotency preparations in his book. However, I am
    going to focus attention on some of the known possible side-effects of
    the drugs, because the purpose of this book is to draw attention to the
    benefits of using natural impotency treatments rather than chemicals.
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  • Tojik-Indian Yoga Secrets - Health Happiness and Harmony on Earth - cover

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    Sobirov, Mishra

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    The book has got four parts. The first one is basically autobiographical with a view to bring home the readers how Abdul Vahab Sobirov, a Muslim by birth gets so much engrossed in a system he would hardly get any support from his tradition. But Sobirov takes the readers much farther to suggest that the present divide caused by known history will no way affect the imminent fundamental unity of mankind which must usher in a short while from now.     
      Part Two imparts some of the important principles of Yoga teachings. Part Three is the India of Sobir s  dream and aspiration. It also records Indias thick relationship with him.
       The Fourth part strongly urges that Yoga is now a Global Cult and it should undoubtedly unite all peoples on the earth to live in harmony and peace for ever.
       In the appendix part Sobirov has reproduced some valuable information about the values of food stuff we take and should be aware of in our daily food habit.
        Its editor and co-author PD Mishra evidently contributes substantially with a cross-border bond of unity (Yoga) by his intrinsic presence throughout.
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