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Once Gone (a Riley Paige Mystery--Book #1) - cover

Once Gone (a Riley Paige Mystery--Book #1)

Blake Pierce

Publisher: Blake Pierce

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Women are turning up dead in the rural outskirts of Virginia, killed in grotesque ways, and when the FBI is called in, they are stumped. A serial killer is out there, his frequency increasing, and they know there is only one agent good enough to crack this case: Special Agent Riley Paige.

Riley is on paid leave herself, recovering from her encounter with her last serial killer, and, fragile as she is, the FBI is reluctant to tap her brilliant mind. Yet Riley, needing to battle her own demons, comes on board, and her hunt leads her through the disturbing subculture of doll collectors, into the homes of broken families, and into the darkest canals of the killer’s mind. As Riley peels back the layers, she realizes she is up against a killer more twisted than she could have imagined. In a frantic race against time, she finds herself pushed to her limit, her job on the line, her own family in danger, and her fragile psyche collapsing.

Yet once Riley Paige takes on a case, she will not quit. It obsesses her, leading her to the darkest corners of her own mind, blurring the lines between hunter and hunted. After a series of unexpected twists, her instincts lead her to a shocking climax that even Riley could not have imagined.

A dark psychological thriller with heart-pounding suspense, ONCE GONE marks the debut of a riveting new series—and a beloved new character—that will leave you turning pages late into the night.

Book #2 in the Riley Paige series will be available soon.

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    The Mother of All Fonkos (Book 6) - Kuwait 1990. When former Army Ranger turned freelance gun-for-hire Jake Fonko receives a cushy "consulting" offer in Kuwait City, he hops a plane and heads out for what he expects will be a relaxing four week stay. But soon after Jake lands, Saddam Hussein’s army blitzkriegs the city, trapping everyone inside. Jake's new job is simple: survive the chaos and escape Kuwait. But playing all the roles required to make it out of the desert alive will tax Jake's training and ironic wit to the breaking point - and Iraqi prisons are hardly hospitable to former American soldiers... 
    For fans of fun, fast-moving adventures, the Jake Fonko series seamlessly blends well-researched 20th century history with equal parts white-knuckle thrills, satirical humor and explosive action. If you like Ian Fleming (Bond), John D. MacDonald (Travis McGee), George MacDonald Fraser (Flashman) or Clive Cussler (Dirk Pitt), you'll enjoy the Jake Fonko series.   
    NOTE: This set contains three standalone novels that can be fully enjoyed without reading any other books in the Jake Fonko series.
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  • Loving The Biker - The Biker #6 - cover

    Loving The Biker - The Biker #6

    Cassie Alexandra

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    Written by USA Today bestselling author Cassie Alexandra. 
    When Detective Terin O’Brien is assigned to an investigation involving the Gold Vipers, she is blind-sided by the strong attraction she has for their newest member, Cole Johnson. Now Terin is caught between wanting Cole behind bars and wanting him as a man, which she knows is wrong, stupid, and above all else… dangerous. 
    This story contains crude language, sexual situations, and violence. Is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Please do not buy if any of this offends you. This is a work of fiction and is not meant to be a true depiction of a motorcycle club. It was written for entertainment only. 
    Series Order- 
    Resisting The Biker 
    Surviving The Biker 
    Fearing The Biker 
    Breaking The Biker 
    Taming The Biker (Novella) 
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    A professor’s suicide is the catalyst for this novel about politics and ideals set at Harvard during the 1950s  When Harvard professor Edward Cavan commits suicide by throwing himself under a subway train, his death sets off shock waves both across campus and in the hearts of his loved ones. To Edward’s estranged sister, Isabel, her brother represented the dangers she sought to escape through the security of marriage. His student George Hastings saw in Edward the father he wished he had. Damon Phillips shared Edward’s idealistic beliefs —until his fear of being branded a Communist caused him to betray his friend. And Ivan Goldberg knew Edward as a man who would rather die than compromise his beliefs. Through the eyes of those he touched, Edward comes alive again, and we begin to understand who he is and what he stands for.   With a title that is a metaphor for the embattled lives of 1950s liberals, Faithful Are the Wounds is about what it means to be American and human in a world that can affect us on the most profound spiritual and ideological levels. It is about how much we are willing to sacrifice for our freedom, and what happens when our values are destroyed.
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