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The City of Nightmares - The Last Witch Hunter - cover

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The City of Nightmares - The Last Witch Hunter

Blaise Ramsay

Publisher: 4 Horsemen Publications

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On the night of the Hunter’s Moon, all fell silent as cracks between the cobblestone flooded with streams of red. Monsters who once were men moaned and wailed in the winding alleys of the walled city…
Two years ago, Zayne Bishop, the last Witch Hunter, was thrown through a Black Mirror by a vindictive Dark Witch obsessed with using the blood of a dead dark god to enhance her magic. Left half-dead in San Francisco, Zayne met the dhampyre warlock Logan Myre, and the two teamed up to get Zayne home, only to find the answers he sought were in the very world he found himself. Peace is shattered when Zayne receives an invitation from an anonymous client wishing to meet with him. According to her, war is coming between the vampires and witches. 
Vampires are being slaughtered, their organs stolen. Fae blood is being harvested, leaving husks in their wake. Fear runs rampant in an already unstable Supernatural world. To combat the unrest, Zayne must once again team up with Alexis, Logan, and the newly recruited Wood Elf Ciri to journey to the birthplace of his nightmare and confront another of the Black Circle of Seven: a powerful Necromancer with the ability to control monsters starving for blood bent on tearing Europe apart to find the macabre Book of the Old Blood. 
To do this, Zayne will need to delve into the darker realm of his history, agree to a deal with a dangerous Fae queen, and face the demons created by the one who founded the Witch Hunters—the mysterious Grand Master. Zayne and Logan’s budding relationship is put to the test…

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