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On the Run - Wayward Wolves #2 - cover

On the Run - Wayward Wolves #2

Bethany Shaw

Publisher: Bethany Shaw

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Marcia fled her pack years ago. After moving from place to place she is now happily settled in the Big Apple until she is disturbed by the scent of a male wolf. Is he there to return her to the pack?  
Declan lived his life serving his alpha until the day his sister was disgraced.  On the run with his siblings, he discovers the beautiful white wolf. Marcia. Now, to prove he’s not a threat... 
On the Run is a standalone 14k word story. 

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    Ron and Nancy had a strong relationship without jealousy. They were okay to have intimate relations with other people. Therefore, when Nancy discovered that her housekeeper was really lonely, she made her an offer that greatly improved their marriage as the housekeeper was willing to put an end to her lonely life without string attached.  
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    Paul quickly discovers her problem cannot be repaired until the following day and offers to take her home several towns away. Norma, a gorgeous model, accepts Pauls kindness, and they travel to her home. He learns that her family is wealthy, the owners of a successful publishing company. Paul is immediately attracted to Norma, and she reciprocates. But he finds himself leery of his good fortune; she could easily have any man she wants. 
    As Pauls and Normas relationship progresses, Norma convinces her father to give Paul a good position at the publishing plant and even grooms him for a managers position. Paul cant believe his good fortune. He makes plans to marry Norma and take over the new plant. He will have a beautiful, sexy wife, and a high paying position. But thats not exactly the future Norma has in mind for him.
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    Gary has an incredibly popular gay porn site. How much will Brad have to do to pay off his bills?  
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    The stories in this book are simple little snapshots into the lives of the slaves owned by Howard Stephens. These stories are a counterpart series to the novel, The Princess Slave: Mei’s Song.
    Many of the stories include characters which were featured within The Princess Slave. Some of these characters are Najeeba, Peyonee, and Tatyana. There are stories with characters which were not included in The Princess Slave but specifically created for inclusion in this book. Mei Song and John Hunter may make an appearance.
    Keep in mind that the patrons of The Lair along with Master Howard and Mistress Natalia are people with money and power; they feel they are above the law and can do anything they please. Some of these powerful people include the President, a Cardinal, and a son of Japan’s Emperor. These stories explore the darkness, along with the tenderness, of those who put themselves above the law at the cost of the lives of sex slaves….
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  • Mounted and Bred by the Mermen - Himeros Cycle - cover

    Mounted and Bred by the Mermen -...

    Clea Kinderton

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    Note, March 31, 2014: Completely revised and greatly expanded!
    	With Chalcis and Eretria on the verge of war, Nerida embarks on her plan to steal the Conch of Triton from the Temple of Amphitrite. The Conch, imbued with Triton's powers, could literally turn the tides of war and save her city. There's only one catch: the temple is located on Antimilos, an island sacred to the mer — and the mermen don’t take kindly to visitors.
    	After a series of misadventures, including an encounter with the smolderingly seductive but brutal merman Xenius and a pair of mythological sea monsters, the plucky tomb raider’s luck at last runs dry and she finds herself entangled in a merman’s net. The penalty for desecrating the temple is death, but there’s a loophole: the guardians won’t kill a woman with a merman's baby in her belly...
    	This 25,000 word erotic high fantasy adventure contains explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse between a woman and several hunky mermen.
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