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The Case of the Orphaned Bassoonists - cover

The Case of the Orphaned Bassoonists

Barbara Wilson

Publisher: Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller

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Cassandra Reilly travels to Venice to solve the mystery of a missing bassoon, and lands in the midst of an international cast of characters who all have something to hideAt the Venice-based symposium on women musicians of Vivaldi’s time, an instrument has gone missing: an antique bassoon, an invaluable family heirloom—and bassoonist Nicky Gibbons stands accused of the theft. Determined to clear her name, Nicky calls Cassandra Reilly—lesbian translator and part-time sleuth extraordinaire—and summons her to the City of Water. Fifteen scholars and musicians are attending the symposium, and each has a multitude of quirks and secrets—as well as motive to steal the bassoon. As Cassandra investigates, she immerses herself in the world of Baroque music, the tangle of personal intrigues at the symposium, and a second mystery involving the orphaned bassoonists of eighteenth-century Venice.Wry, intelligent, and atmospheric, The Case of the Orphaned Bassoonists is the fourth and final book in the Cassandra Reilly Mystery series, which begins with Gaudí Afternoon, Trouble in Transylvania, and The Death of a Much-Travelled Woman.

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    Falling in love had never been in the plan. 
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    I loved the book all of the way through. Such interesting women from all walks of life with so many different ways of living. I have never, ever read a book with a professional grave robber. And the ending was so up lifting and warm. Angharad Fatin, Chesapeake, Virginia 
    I am not one for violence, but there is a part in hear where some serious butt kicking takes place and I was very happy about it. In fact I laughed. And I liked the way things ended up at the end with who ended up with you. Carrie Kacey, Anaheim, California 
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    I had never read Olivia Hampshire before. I bought this book on the subway on the way to work. I really didn´t feel like going to work anyway. The storyline was so good that I just took the subway back home and called in sick. Then I bought the 18 book collection and didn´t leave the house all weekend. Fabulous! Charnette Delice, London, England
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    “I read a lot of Lesbian Romance and Lesbian Fiction. I had not heard of Olivia Hampshire before but the description looked ok. I thought I would give it a try. Many times I will search for House of Romance, for some reason that brings up stuff that I want. Searching for Lesbian Romance can be a bit overwhelming. Since my search, I have found and purchased many of Olivia Hampshire's books. She is very spicy.” 
    Kathleen Hope 
    Lincoln, NE 
    “This book just cracked me up the whole time I was reading. I have never, ever read a Lesbian Romance book that read like this. And when I finished, I had to look up Olivia Hampshire in Amazon and on Google to find out who this lady was and to find out where I could find more of her work. Now I am loaded up with House of Romance Books. I can't wait for more.” 
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    During World War II, Allied victory rested on the wings of America's Liberator, the B-24 bomber. The only way to build them fast enough was to bring women into the work force. Join Audrey and Ruth as their search for freedom leads them to risk everything to rescue an abused young girl, somehow finding love and redemption along the way.
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  • Patience & Sarah - cover

    Patience & Sarah

    Isabel Miller

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    “A remarkable story.”—Publishers Weekly 
    Set in the nineteenth century, Isabel Miller’s classic lesbian novel traces the relationship between Patience White, an educated painter, and Sarah Dowling, a cross-dressing farmer, whose romantic bond does not sit well with the puritanical New England farming community in which they live. They choose to live together and love each other freely, even though they know of no precedents for their relationship; they must trust their own instincts and see beyond the disdain of their neighbors. Ultimately, they are forced to make life-changing decisions that depend on their courage and their commitment to one another. 
    First self-published in 1969 in an edition of one thousand copies, the author hand-sold the book on New York street corners; it garnered increasing attention to the point of receiving the American Library Association’s first Gay Book Award in 1971. McGraw-Hill’s version of the book a year later brought it to mainstream bookstores across the country. 
    Patience & Sarah is a historical romance whose drama was a touchstone for the burgeoning gay and women’s activism of the late 1960s and early 1970s. It celebrates the joys of an uninhibited love between two strong women with a confident defiance that remains relevant today. 
    This edition features an appendix of supplementary materials about Patience & Sarah and the author, as well as an introduction by Emma Donoghue, the Irish novelist whose numerous books include the contemporary Dublin novels Stirfry and Hood, the latter of which won the ALA’s Gay and Lesbian Book Award in 1995. 
    Little Sister’s Classics is an Arsenal Pulp Press imprint dedicated to reviving lost and out-of-print gay and lesbian classic books, both fiction and nonfiction. The series is produced in conjunction with Little Sister’s Books, the heroic gay Vancouver bookstore well-known for its anti-censorship efforts. 
    Isabel Miller was the author of numerous novels, including two under her real name, Alma Routsong. She died in 1996.
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