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Word Fugitives - cover

Word Fugitives

Barbara Wallraff

Publisher: HarperCollins e-books

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Despite the many thousands of dictionary words at our disposal, our language can be dismayingly inadequate. How many times have you searched for a word that means just what you want it to but failed to find anything suitable anywhere? Most of us, it turns out, lead lives rife with experiences, people, and things that have no names. 
At least, they lacked names until now. Word Fugitives comes to the rescue, supplying hundreds of inspired words coined or redefined to meet everyday needs. For instance, wouldn't it be handy to have a word for the momentary confusion people experience when they hear a cell phone ringing and wonder whether it's theirs? (How about fauxcellarm, phonundrum, or pandephonium?) 
Or what about a word for offspring who are adults? (Try unchildren or offsprung.) Or a word for the irrational fear when you're throwing a party that no one will show up? (That might be guestlessness, empty-fest syndrome, or fete-alism.) 
This mind- and vocabulary-expanding book grew out -- way out -- of Barbara Wallraff's popular column in The Atlantic Monthly. Brimming with irresistible diversions and pop quizzes; illuminated by contributions and commentary from authors, linguists, and leading language authorities; and enlivened by pleas for help from people whose words have yet to be found, Word Fugitives will captivate and inspire anyone who ever struggles to describe the world that he or she, or they, or thon (thon? see page 141) lives in.

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    After sell-out successes of The Seagull and Three Sisters, awardwinning writer Anya Reiss reimagines this tragicomic masterpiece in a stunning new version for the 21st century.
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    An idiom is a phrase whose wording is either wholly or partly fixed and which cannot be understood simply from taking the literal meanings of the individual words which make up the phrase. Thus, idiomatically, if you kill two birds with one stone it does not mean that you are going around murdering birds, but that you are achieving two aims with one action.
    The English language is particularly rich in idioms and they are an aspect of English which learners of the language find particularly difficult.
    This book features many well-known and used idioms in the English language today, from the acid test and a chip off the old block, through sing from the same hymn sheet to zero hour.
    Arranged in dictionary format, the idioms featured here are all given clear explanations and are accompanied by example sentences to show how they are used. Also included are the origins of some of the idioms and readers are likely to find many of these unusual and fascinating.
    As well as being a source of useful information and language help, this book is fun to browse through.
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    Journaling is basically the act of recording your thoughts and feelings by jotting them down on a daily basis. This art has been around for hundreds of years now, and has been used by most people as a means to relieve stress and express themselves.One of the most popular journals is that one by Samuel Pepys, a naval administrator in the 1600’s who made it a point to write down what happened in his lifetime—from his personal feelings, to important events that not only affected him, but affected the world, as well. These events include the Anglo-Dutch War, the Restoration of the English Monarchy, and even the Great Fire and the Great Plague of London. Now, a library in Cambridge is named after him.  
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