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The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects - cover

The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects

Barbara G. Walker

Publisher: HarperOne

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This fascinating guide to the history and mythology of woman-related symbols features: 
   Unique organization by shape of symbol or type of sacred object   
      21 different sections including Round and Oval Motifs, Sacred Objects, Secular-Sacred Objects, Rituals, Deities' Signs, Supernaturals, Body Parts, Nature, Birds, Plants, Minerals, Stones and Shells, and more   
      Introductory essays for each section   
      753 entries and 636 illustrations   
      Alphabetical index for easy reference 
Three-Rayed Sun The sun suspended in heaven by three powers, perhaps the Triple Goddess who gave birth to it (see Three-Way Motifs). 
Corn Dolly An embodiment of the harvest to be set in the center of the harvest dance, or fed to the cattle to `make them thrive year round' (see Secular-Sacred Objects). 
Tongue In Asia, the extended tongue was a sign of life-force as the tongue between the lips imitated the sacred lingam-yoni: male within female genital. Sticking out the tongue is still a polite sign of greeting in northern India and Tibet (see Body Parts). 
Cosmic Egg In ancient times the primeval universe-or the Great Mother-took the form of an egg. It carried all numbers and letters within an ellipse, to show that everything is contained within one form at the beginning (see Round and Oval Motifs).

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