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The Purity Principle - Finding Authenticity in the Age of Deception - cover

The Purity Principle - Finding Authenticity in the Age of Deception

B. B. Bodhayan

Publisher: Mandala Publishing

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Inspired by the poetry of a great Hindu guru, the acarya of the Gopinath Gaudiya Math discusses the obstacles on the path to pure devotion. 
This book was inspired by Vaishnava Ke, the powerful poem of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada, which identifies the mind’s myriad deviations and their essential remedies. It includes a translation and commentary on the poem by Swami Bodhayan, president and acarya of the Gopinath Gaudiya Math. Through these writings, the author illuminates the obstacles to pure devotion, and the magnanimous spiritual practices of Vaishnavism.  
With sublime qualities like humility and tolerance, one can chant the Lord’s holy names purely and live a progressive, joyful life of service. This helps the sincere practitioner to follow a devotional path without distraction. With clarity, humility, and precision, Swami Bodhayan explains the most basic and also profound issues which, when understood, can inspire the student to attain the confidence and focus needed to make steady progress on the path of bhakti.
Available since: 05/19/2020.
Print length: 167 pages.

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    Psychokinesis is more than just the ability to move objects. 
    The full scope of this power involves the ability to affect all matter and time in our time and space continuum. 
    This is an incredible power which if harnessed can affect our world for good or evil. 
    Many examples of this ability have also been included in this book such as stories about Yuri Gellar—best known as the world’s greatest spoon bender. 
    Here are some of the chapters included in our review of Psychokinesis 
    ·        History of Psychokinesis Research   
    ·        Psychokinesis Stories  
    ·        Spoon Bending Parties           
    ·        Theories about Psychokinesis (PK)   
    ·        Harnessing Psychokinesis      
    ·        The Global Consciousness Project    
    ·        Web Bot Predictions  
    ·        Psychokinesis Exercises        
    ·        How To Build Your Telekinetic Skills  
    ·        Bending An Object      
    ·        Time Bending Exercises         
    Like most of my books I write from a Spiritual Perspective and try to help readers understand that these powers are side effects to greater spiritual growth. 
    Any abilities can be used for good or evil. How you use human invisibility is up to you.
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