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Open TV - Innovation beyond Hollywood and the Rise of Web Television - cover

Open TV - Innovation beyond Hollywood and the Rise of Web Television

Aymar Jean Christian

Publisher: NYU Press

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How the internet transformed television   Before HBO’s hit show Insecure, Issa Rae’s comedy about being a nerdy black woman debuted as a YouTube web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, her response to the absence of diverse black characters on the small screen. Broad City, a feminist sitcom now on Comedy Central, originated as a web series on YouTube, developed directly out of funny women Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson’s real-life friendship. These unconventional stories took advantage of the freedom afforded outside the traditional television system: online.   Open TV shows how we have left “the network era” far behind and entered the networked era, with the web opening up new possibilities for independent producers, entrepreneurs, and media audiences. Based on interviews with writers, producers, show-runners, and network executives, visits to festivals and award shows, and the experience of producing his own series, Aymar Jean Christian argues that the web brought innovation to television by opening up series development to new producers, fans, and sponsors that had previously been excluded. Online access to distribution provides creative freedom for indie producers, allows for more diverse storytelling from marginalized communities, and introduces new ways of releasing and awarding shows.   Open TV is essential reading for anyone interested in the changing environment of television and how the internet can inspire alternatives to what’s on TV tonight.  

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    Perfect for beginners looking to stretch their abilities, or more advanced players looking to add a slice of Britpop, girl power, and everything else 90s to their playing, each song is accompanied by suggested registrations, fingering guides, lyrics and chord symbols. An entire chord charts chapter will ensure that you never get lost and that you perfect your playing to get the most out of every piece. 
    - Achy Breaky Heart [Billy Ray Cyrus] 
    - All For Love [Bryan Adams] 
    - As Long As You Love Me [Backstreet Boys] 
    - Blaze Of Glory [Bon Jovi] 
    - Circle Of Life [Elton John] 
    - Common People [Pulp] 
    - Don’t You Love Me [Eternal] 
    - Father And Son [Boyzone] 
    - Goodnight Girl [Wet Wet Wet] 
    - I Believe I Can Fly [R.J. Kelly] 
    - I Will Always Love You [Dolly Parton] 
    - Killing Me Softly With His Song [The Fugees] 
    - Love Is All Around [Wet Wet Wet] 
    - Love Shine A Light [Katrina & The Waves] 
    - More Than I Can Say [Will Mellor] 
    - One Sweet Day [Mariah Carey] 
    - Say You’ll Be There [Spice Girls] 
    - Stereotypes [Blur] 
    - Tears In Heaven [Eric Clapton] 
    - Think Twice [Celine Dion] 
    - Time To Say Goodbye [Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli] 
    - Unchained Melody [Robson & Jerome] 
    - When You Tell Me That You Love Me [Diana Ross] 
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    - Wild Wood [Paul Weller] 
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    - Wonderful Tonight [Eric Clapton] 
    - You Are Not Alone [Michael Jackson] 
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  • Double Exposition - Songs and Sonatas #1 - cover

    Double Exposition - Songs and...

    Jerica MacMillan

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    "Double Exposition is a sinfully sweet and sexy rock star story that will have you swooning over your kindles."—USA Today bestselling author Lex Martin 
    "One of the most romantic NA stories I've read this year!  Pure romance writing genius!"—Mary Carr, Romazing Reader 
    "Refreshing, creative, and smartly-written, Double Exposition is so much more than your average rockstar romance!"—Deb Markanton, Goodreads reviewer 
    I never expected that day to change everything … 
    The day I met the girl of my dreams in the campus coffee shop.  
    She schooled me about music, saying my popstar background didn’t teach me what I really needed to know. 
    She became my muse, my inspiration, and my cowriter.  Polishing my songs and making them shine. 
    And when a video of me playing one of my new songs goes viral, my life explodes in a second chance at the dream I thought was over six years ago. 
    But if I take this opportunity, will our relationship survive? 
    You’ll love this sweet and sexy story that’s part rockstar romance, part coming of age story, because who hasn’t fantasized about meeting their first celebrity crush and falling in love? 
    Start this epic series now!
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